NBCSports Gold moved to Peacock

Here is a press release with some more info. Looks like they will have the ASO world feed (no commercials as well.)
I’m not sure what the “All coverage of the Tour de France will be available on Peacock Premium” line is about, as nothing else in the release mentions any differences between the normal and Premium tiers.


This sounds like Peacock will only have the commercial free world feed and not have the NBC Sports special features. I’m ok with that although I liked rewinding to watch the morning pre-race show before going to live coverage.

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I think I understand it now, and part of my confusion was the 3 tiers of peacock. I thought there were only the $5/$10 ones, and I didn’t know about the premium plus.

  • peacock: free, limited shows with ads
  • Peacock Premium: $5/month, ads. **** This has all the TDF coverage **** (explicitly stated in the press release above.)
  • Peacock Premium Plus: $10/month, no ads.
  • Peacock Premium Plus Ultra Mega Spectacular: this tier doesn’t exist yet.

So the takeaway is the $5/month plan has all the TDF coverage, and does include the ASO world feed. This is a really good deal - I hope the app is decent to use.


Ah now that makes sense thank you.

Just a note that the “no ads” version specifically states that some things will still have ads. Without knowing more, I don’t see the point in paying the extra $5 and hoping.

Did you find anything about replays and highlights? I couldn’t.

I will be trying the $5 tier, as that should have all the coverage, and I mainly want the add free stream anyway. I did see some mention of on demand access, but nothing specific, and I don’t recall anything specific about hightlights.

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I’m doing the $5 too, but would pay the $10 for ad free if it included a highlights program

I’ve been assuming Peacock will have on-demand access to the full stage but I guess it’s wait and see for sure. This leads to a first world problem at least on the Roku app in that as you fast forward or rewind there is no thumbnail preview like on Youtube or Netflix.

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Any thoughts on a commercial VPN service to unlock my GCN+ subscription? List here:

At those prices I’d simply get Peacock Premium for a month, if I can’t handle the Bob and Phil show.

I am using ‘surfshark’ (signed up using code from Alex Dowsett’s youtube channel), and it seems to work pretty well with GCN+, at least in chrome on my PC and chromebook. I can’t seem to get around the geoblocking on GCN+ on android using it - I’m not sure if this is a problem with the VPN, or if some other method (than network info) is used to enforce the blocking.
The chrome plugin makes it easy to turn on/off and switch locations. I don’t really use it for anything else. It does work to a degree with Netflix, however they catch on after a while :slight_smile:

Edit: My main reason for choosing this provider is cost - since this is really just for geoblock avoidance for cycling, I wasn’t willing to pay that much monthly. Other providers may well be ‘better’, but this seems to work fine for my purposes and is a reasonable cost, at least when purchased up-front.

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Peacock will have part of NBC’s Olympics coverage too so there’s some potential added value to a June/July subscription to get the TdF.


Will the $5 tier have the world feed WITHOUT ads? Or would we need the $10?

The press release makes it seem that way. I’ll start with $5 and upgrade if there ends up being ads during the world feed.


I agree that this is what I think they are offering - the world feed has no adds, and is in the $5 (ie Peacock Premium) tier. I also will be going with the $5 tier. If they have good olympic coverage, may get rid of the ads for that.

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I also just got the $5 Peacock tier for free by linking to my comcast/xfinity account.


I just checked the Peacock app….in the “Live & Upcoming” section, if you scroll forward, it has the TdF Stage 1 and lists the time as 5hrs 30min, so it should be the whole stage.

Have to admit, I am actually pretty pleased with the change to Peacock. I get it for free with my Comcast account and I don’t have to endure Uncle Phil & Bobke.

Win - win!!!


Does it say if there will be highlights or on demand replays?

I didn’t look for highlights…I’ll check later.

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How does one do this?

Like this :grin:

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