Anyone subscribe to Flobikes?

Random. I subscribed last year for the giro month and it was great, for the most part. Trying to sign up for a month for Flanders, etc., and can’t for the life of me figure out how to sign up - their website only points to an annual subscription. I don’t want/need that for $150. I have emailed and fb’ed them and they haven’t answered.

Anyone have a link?

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Too expensive, if its not on the Olympic channel or NBC Sports, I’m not watching.

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I just joined a few weeks ago and am glad I did. If you like racing, they have a ton of it. A lot of races (men’s and women’s) you would never see.

As for joining for a month, when I got to the buy page, I had a choice to purchase a year at ~$150 and one month at ~$25. Just follow through the process and you should get a choice.

yeah - it is weird - it doesn’t give me a choice - just the 1 year - and it says “page 3 of 3”, which makes me think something is funky with their site. I tried multiple browsers and devices. There is no choice.

I just paid for the year but I know I saw on the site you could do it month by month. It’s been fine through the classics so far.

I didn’t realize they’d have some of the women’s races too, I’ve never gotten to watch them much unless it was worlds but I like getting to catch at least a little of them.

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I have the Year subscription and it is well worth it if you enjoy racing content. Far superior to NBC Sports and the Olympic channels.

As a bonus you can stream past races and match them up to a TR workout. Stream through a browser and pick the point of the race that should time the finish close to the end of your workout.

Tons of short video content; e.g., interviews, highlights, pre-race speculation, rider profiles, and occasionally course recon.


I just signed up from my phone and was able to join monthly.

Thanks - can someone share a link and paste it here of where you can click on monthly. It is crazy, I know, but I have tried for like 2 hours to find a way to sign up for monthly.

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Same here. Was trying to pay monthly but couldn’t do it.

I considered subscribing but it’s just too expensive. Got a VPN service for $6/month to watch the Belgian races, either through Sporza or RTBF. Works perfectly (and my French is decent, so that helps).

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I signed up earlier this year. The 1 year option was the only financially sensible choice with the monthly option just too expensive.
My 1 complaint is the amount of content that’s not available in Canada, crazy really. For example i watched Ghent - Wevelgem but couldn’t watch Kuurne - Brussels - Kuurne the next day.
I use my Roku on the trainer which has an easy FLO app to use, my Samsung TV doesn’t get an app though and i have to navigate a webpage which is a PITA on a tv screen.
I’ll give it the year and reevaluate if it was worth the money, TSN coverage was getting worse so i had to change to something.

Thanks everyone. their customer service emailed me at 10:30 last night and set me up. I did notice they gave me the monthly option inside the app. Weird it is t on their site. Watched on tv via pc, iPad and iPhone this morning. Great quality and no crashing. Yes monthly is a bit expensive, but I don’t anticipate more than 3 months. I have nbc sports too so all good.

I signed up through so get to watch some of the other events as well. I’ve found the service works really well and their app on Roku is also quite good. Watched Tour of Flanders this morning during a TR ride.

Guys take a look at I used flo last year and it was okay but there was a number or CX races that had no commentary at all, it was just the feed from the provider direct which made it a little difficult to watch. Fubo is obviously more expensive but we also get Formula 1, MotoGp, and other stations since we have cut the cord we haven’t had any TV for a couple of years.

Where do you see the past race categlog? I can’t seem to find it.

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Scroll down past the “Happening today” section (their website is horrible. Took me a while to figure out how to even sign up last year). You can scroll through the reverse chronological listing, or there’s a search box there. For example:

You have to go to the ‘Sports’ selection at the top, toggle down to ‘Cycling’ and scroll down from there. (I have Apple TV).

On the Flo iOS app go to the calendar icon and scroll down to “Completed”

Ina web browser go to Cycling Events | Upcoming Cycling Events - FloBikes and scroll down from “HAPPENING TODAY” events and they default to “UPCOMING”. Click on “Completed.”

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Sucks to have to pay for multiple services, but I’ve enjoyed being able to watch the classics via Flobikes this year!

Separately, the two main personalities at Flo Bikes are friggin’ terrible! They sounds soooo awkward/nervous/artificial in all their videos. I appreciate that they are trying to put out other content like race previews and recap shows, but they seriously picked two of the worst public speakers/presenters I’ve ever seen.

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Ikr, they just don’t seem to gel on screen at all. I was watching the Womens “De Ronde” on Sunday and there was no commentary but the mic was on and the 2 female commentators were just talking up a storm like they were sat in a pub watching tv, then suddenly they cut to real commentary…funny.