Cobbles are back!

So pumped to be watching the Omloop – anyone else feel like this is the real start of racing season like I do?

It is going to be 2 straight months of full-gas Saturday races – I love the Spring Classics :metal:

PS - the definition of “optimism” is solar panels on a roof in Flanders in March


I’m watching it too on Eurosport :grinning:

This does feel like the official start, but I’m not gonna lie I get excited in January for Tour Down Under, it’s like an appetizer before the main course.

Just learned about flo sports in the US. They simulcast most of the Eurosport coverage. That combined with NBC Sports Gold I get more cycling then I can consume.


is NBC Sports Gold worth it for you then?

I struggle to find enough cycling content to have on in the background when on the trainer. Finding them on YT generally ends in frustration lol

I cough up the money for NBC sports gold cycling pass. It’s good for roller workouts, the announcers are pretty knowledgeable. My only two dislikes are no Giro, and you can only go back to the previous 12 months (ie, you can’t watch the 2017 Tour). So far I’m liking Team Sky’s “Blue Line” series on you tube

Between NBC Sports and FloBikes, that covers most of it in the U.S. I dish for both. Beats missing races, or relying on the sketchy pirate feeds.

FUBO TV is the trifecta – although, I’m not sure it’s necessary this year, but it was last year.

I pay for NBC Gold and Flo Cycling. That basically ensures you have coverage for all of the races. I’ve done Gold for a few years and like it. Did a free trial of Fubo TV last year to get Cycling channel to watch the Giro. Flow TV has everything that Fubo has and more (and is way cheaper), so I signed up for that this year.

If you were watching – that move by Stybar was lightning backed up by raw diesel. Like an uppercut followed by a body blow. Just awesome. Love, love, love these races.