Nate and other "carby" folks: weird weight swings?

@Nate_Pearson, I’m also a disciple of Fitzgerald and his eating guidelines. Like you I’m also a bigger rider, 6’4", 177-180lbs.

I know I often fall short of the needed carb intake but this year I’m been having some weird issues and I’m wondering if you, and/or others, might have experienced.

I think that if I under carb, particularly during and right after a ride, my weight jumps up quickly, I think it’s carb related.

For example, I can see a ~10lbs swing in 24 hours if I under carb. It seems sudden, and the 10lbs jump is, but I think it’s a result of chronic under-carb.

I don’t feel bad, or over tired. My legs are ok, not great. If I pay attention to the carb intake for 5-7 days, my weight slowly drops back to normal, even under heaving training load.

This recently happened after a long Sunday ride, I ate a recovery snack and a small lunch, then took a long nap (instead of eating again). Monday evening, I was up 11 lbs.

I’m open to thoughts and suggestions :slight_smile:

That doesn’t sound right…I would suspect that eating less carbs would result in a lower weight. From both less food and less water being pulled in with the carbohydrates. The first thing I would be careful with would be comparing weights from different times of day (eg Sunday morning vs Monday evening). I will definitely find that my weight can swing 6+ lb/day from just eating and drinking throughout the day. But my weight will be back to my normal range the next morning.


I don’t know why it would go up if you “under carb”.

If you eat carbs you’ll hold more weight through glycogen and water. I think this is “good” weight to carry. You could also have a big swing based on salt intake…could this be happening on some of your rides?

If you eat a lot more sodium you’ll generally hold more water/salt for a few days then your body will compensate for it and you’ll pee a lot of it out.

I can totally swing 5-10 lbs from morning to evening though; especially if I start the morning dehydrated. It might just be when you weigh yourself. And…you’re naked each time, right bro? :smiley:


Are you riding during the 24hours that you see the drastic change in weight? 10lbs is a lot even for someone of your size. Are you sure that you have reliable scales and are you weighing yourself under conditions that can be replicated each time?

I’m a similar height and weight to you and often struggle to stay hydrated. Despite this, I’ve never seen a change in weight as big as that.

My experiences are more in line with Nate’s, however I could maybe see this happening if a change from your normal diet caused you to get very ‘backed up’. If you were under-carbed, then could also be low on fibre, making everything move a bit slower.