N=1. The ramp test is accurate for me

Did an all out ride to Molino Basin on Mount Lemmon this morning (which is about 27ish minutes for me normally). The wind wasn’t great for PR times, but I broke a BUNCH of personal records for power. Everything between 10:40 and 34:30. Then I got an email from training peaks saying that I had a new FTP. (I don’t keep trainingpeaks current. I just send all my data there as a back up, so I get new FTP notifications all the time.)

The email said that my FTP should be EXACTLY the same as my ramp test FTP. And it was a true all-out effort for just shy of 27 minutes. I was totally spent at the end.

So… for those who may doubt how long FTP tests translate to Ramp tests. Here’s one example of where it was exactly accurate.

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FWIW the trainingpeaks FTP estimate is just 95% of your 20 min power avg which isn’t representative of a true 20 min FTP test either, which has an anaerobic clearing effort before the 20 min section. Test your 45-70min max power and compare that to your ramp test FTP number