FTP v. Ramp v. TrainingPeaks

Around six weeks ago I did the TR 20 min FTP test and hit 253. Last night I had a scheduled test, and due to time constraints opted for a Ramp test. This gave me an estimated FTP of 313. Then I received an email from TrainingPeaks that my newly detected FTP is 263. Both tests done on Wahoo and same bike set up.

I tend to believe that 263 is the “real” number. 26% improvement is pretty unrealistic given that I am just riding, without a ton of structured workouts.

Thoughts? Conceptually, I understand the gap, but that seems pretty significant.

TP will have looked at the best 20 minute power and taken 95% of that number.
As I have just written in another thread. What do you think you could hold for an hour. 253/263 or 313?

If it was me I would adjust to 263 and see how the workouts go. I would also standarise on which test you use. I have always gone for the 20 minute test as that suits my targets which are longer time trials.

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