My Big Mistake LOL!

Yesterday, Tunemah. One bottle of Maurten 320, one water. Worked fine, though I was dying at the end of the last set.

Today, Leavitt +2. One Clif bar and 2 waters. O…M…G… What a mistake. After 45 mins, in the lower intensity segment I knew I had to get that Clif Bar down. And I knew how it would feel, but the workout is mostly about “mental” toughness. Right? Well I had to stop pedaling twice just to finish choking down the bar before the next harder segment began. Finished Leavitt+2 well enough, but I under estimated the workout, in that next time it will be liquid nutrition.

Reminded me of racing in IL in the mid 90’s in 40 degree temps with a PowerBar in my pocket. Do I attempt to eat the PowerBar and drop myself because of the inability to breath? Or do I try and make it through without eating it. LOL!!

I know better… just makes me laugh at myself.

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Personally, I’m not sure you should need to be eating anything during a 90mins session. A proper meal a few hours before would be more appropriate to fuel you, and let you concentrate on working hard


:rofl Ha ha, that could make the workout twice as hard! Haven`t done Tunemah yet, but will stick to liquid electrolytes for that. I remember back in the 80s a coach passed me up 1/2 a malt loaf in a 100 mile TT.
It took me about 15 minutes to eat the thing, and still chewing I rounded the bend to see him holding out the other 1/2. I took it , not wanting to be ungrateful, but couldn’t face it ,and it stayed in my pocket for the rest of the event. Avoid malt loaf in training!!! Happy training!


What’s Malt Loaf?? Sounds British. Like a fruit/nut cake? The most calorie dense food stuff known to man.

That’s almost exactly what it is. Delicious stuff, good for you and a great post-ride snack, especially the Apple flavored variant. However, it’s totally unsuitable for consuming whilst riding hard, it’s just too chewy and it’d take miles to get it all down.


Haha I’m the opposite! Clif bars are my favourite even during hard workouts, and I haven’t met a carb drink I’ve liked yet. (though I do occasionally use them for convenience.)
In any event, I guess it’s good we figure this stuff out before we race :joy:

I can eat at SS, but it takes longer and I’m sure it ain’t pretty.

Malt loaf is amazing, they also make a banana version, beautiful toasted with real butter.

Oooh never thought about toasting it. Definitely going to give that a try. Thanks for the idea!

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Get back to me when you realise how perfect it is :grin::grin::grin:

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OMG, the wife and I just tried some. You Sir, are a genius! I can’t believe I’ve made it this far in life without tasting it.

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Banana malt loaf is boss but the regular stuff is horrible.

You must not listen to the podcast? ALL OF THE CARBS.

I just remember to take a banana out of the fridge the night before to ripen up a bit more and, eat half, when setting up, and nibble during a rest interval if I think I’ll need the boost. A good breakfast is essential whether riding indoors or out, and if oat based should be soaked overnight to stop drawing fluid from your stomach.

This could be instructive for you if you let it…

  • Food like a Clif Bar or PowerBar isn’t going to breakdown quickly at higher efforts, even Sweet Spot. Your body digests slower when you’re working hard, blood flow is away from your organs to your muscles.
  • Hence why sugar supplements are popular… The Maurten 320 gave you sugar that was readily available and let you power through. The Clif Bar probably didn’t do anything for you.

I’ve done similar experiments over the years, and unless I’m riding a low, Z2 intensity (and not running after I get off the bike!), solids aren’t going to do me any good. I don’t even bother taking solids with me unless I’m going for more than 4 hours, and that’s just so I don’t get truly hungry.

A combo that’s worked well for me is raisin toast with honey. The honey gives me the quick sugar to get me through until the raisins and bread can breakdown.

You’re right about 320 vs Clif Bar for sure. I agree and my experience in long (>200km) rides shows that.
But boy, that Maurten 320 gets expensive. :sob:
I try to use it sparingly and only for targeted events/races. But for me, it does work great.

Gotta carb the F$%#$%$# up.


Don’t be tied to Maurten. Lots of other options that can do the job you need for less $.

You might consider a mix that is available in bulk so you can customize your drinks. I built a spreadsheet for cheapest and best carb options for during and plus protein for recovery. In both cases, I priced it by $/100cal, and settled options that are cost effective, customizable by calorie content, and had the ingredients I wanted.

I’m not a marketer for them, but I’ve been very happy with Tailwind, both caffeinated and not. I can make a 100 cal bottle, or a 300 cal bottle or any variation. For 90min over unders, I like a 250cal bottle and then a small 80 cal bottle of Skratch for extra hydration if I need it.

Lots of stuff out there. Find what works for you and tune out the marketing.

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