Mortal Hydration - Reviewed by Saturday

@Dr_Alex_Harrison & Michelle review Mortal Hydration and it’s a no BS review.


Not stoked about this being on course for my first full distance IM this fall. Probably carrying my own fuel… Ugh.


I tried one of the samples of the berry flavor they were giving out yesterday at the Ironman check-in and I literally gagged; it’s sickeningly sweet, it tastes like unset Jello. I got a sample pack to try during training in case I ever need to use this on course, but I would have to be in really dire straits to even consider that. Maybe the other flavors are better, but the one I tried is just horrendous.


I have used the salty margarita flavor. Kinda like Gatorade. It’s better diluted more than recommended.

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Three things that jump out at me:

  • the lack of carbs / calories
  • the wasteful packaging (WTAF?!?!?)
  • the Stevia (again, WTF?)

Kinda reminds me of my first 70.3 about a decade ago…back then, it was Powerbar Perform drink on course. I trained with the powder version leading up to the race, and actuially really enjoyed it. It was quite salty to the taste, which was a refreshing change from really sweet stuff.

Grabbed my first (pre-packaged) bottle of it on the bike and damn near near puked on the bike…it had a sickeningly-sweet floral / perfume flavor to it that was completely different from the powder version. Thank god it was only a 70.3 and I could manage the distance OK.

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Just tried the mango, out of curiosity. It’s still too sweet for my taste, but more palatable than the berry one. Hopefully this is the one they’ll give out on the run :grimacing:

That was funny, but I just went to their website, and they are clearly not trying to be a source of fuel, but instead a source of flavor and electrolytes. They repeatedly say that the idea is to add their product to your existing fuel source so that you’re staying hydrated and getting the flavor without having to scoop in an additional scoop of your sugar mix. For example:

“The goal with Mortal is not to add carbs to your high-carb fueling plan. Most athletes are using a very high carb bottle on their bike or in their hydration container plus gels…so what you need is electrolytes to contribute to your hydration that don’t add significantly more carbs.” Mortal Hydration

I’m not saying whether or not I think they will be successful or this is a good product, but this is kind of like reviewing a tube and saying it’s not as puncture resistant as a tire.

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Valid point, but it still doesn’t excuse the questionable packaging choice, or naming of those individual packets depending on the flavor one buys…:roll_eyes:

Also Stevia? why?

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Then shame on IM for selecting them as the on-course hydration option for their races…especially in this day & age.


I’m with you. I’m hoping that’s a misunderstanding and there is some other form of liquid carbs. If not, maybe there WILL be after that video!


I actually have enjoyed all the flavors. That being said, not enough to actually purchase more outside of the sample pack from The Feed.

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I got two free samples recently. The berry was not good, the Salted Margarita was okay.

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I’ve used it to pre hydrate the days before a long ride or race


And sodium chloride instead of sodium citrate.

Double yuck. had some interesting things to say about the potential for over salting and GI distress.

Hard pass.