Anyone get this The Feed email?

Got this today…wow if I ate all that before a big ride or race and after it would cost more than big race entry fees. Not to mention I would probably gain weight.

Hi - Charlotte here.

Let’s start the night before and ensure your glycogen stores are topped up. After dinner, I drink one serving of Maurten 320 Mix or two servings of Enervit IsoCarb.

3-4 hours ahead of your workout, I like to have a Kyoku Breakfast Shake or Vafels with a serving of RX Nut Butter, both options pack in protein, carbs, and fats, giving your body the fuel it needs to get started.

Start of workout I’ll take 1 Caffeinated Gel (Maurten 100 Caf 100 or SiS Go Energy + Caffeine). This is more for when I’m racing, but if it is a big all out effort, you should follow the same strategy as if it was race day.

During your workout. I follow the every 20 minute rule of taking one Gel or some chews. This keeps me eating all the time during the workout in smaller amounts so I’m replenishing as I’m burning carbs.

Gels: 1 Gel (Endurance Tap, SiS Go Energy, UCAN Edge)
Chews: 1x stick of SIS Beta Fuel Chews or 3x Clif Bloks

I like to alternate between gels and chews every 20 minutes. With a high-carb fueling strategy, you are eating a lot, and swapping between gels and chews helps.

At the end of your workout My favorite recovery shake is Swiss RX Total Recovery, packing tons of great nutrients that will help your body start to repair after the hard effort.

Afterward, ensure you have a meal that contains carbohydrates, protein, and fat to continue the restoration process. Your body’s fuel tank will thank you!

Any questions, just drop me an email at

Head Coach
The Feed.

Nice try Charlotte, almost got me.

$$100 per day


LOL…tell me you get free / discounted product without telling me you get free / discounted product.

GTFO with that nonsense feeding regimen. I’d go bankrupt.

Yeah…almost want to email her and ask her to break down the cost for one race or big ride.

Maurten 320: $3.49
Kyoku shake: $12
maurten caf jell: 4.50
Tap gel: $2.87
sis chews: $2.50
swiss RX recovery: $6.07

For a 60 minute workout taking 1 gel and 1 serving of chews, this works out to be: $31.43
(for longer events, figure about $7.50/hour for gels/chews.)
These were taken using the per-serving price for the smallest quantity sold. For some things, like the swiss RX recovery there is only 1 size, so the price does not go down with volume.

I’m in the ‘sugar and salt should be cheap’ camp. Table sugar + gatorade for flavor, gummi bears, skittles, mike/ike, graham crackers, coca cola work great for me. Trying some DIY gels is on my todo list.


And here I am just prepping for a training ride with my lean proteins, green vegetables, and an extra slice bread like a fool.


Living on the edge, I see :wink::joy:

Endurance Tap is more than $3 per gel, $90 per 30 serving bottle.

It’s just maple syrup with salt and a touch of ginger.

That’s 5x the cost of even real organic actual maple syrup

Are people falling for this I don’t get it


Can people actually do a pure sugar mix before bed? I can handle almost anything with my stomach, but that sounds like a recipe for an upset stomach & poor sleep. Even having a bowl of sugary cereal, I’ll often regret if it isn’t balanced with yogurt or something less carb-heavy.

Real food and complex carbs are just so much better the day before.

That’s a good reminder email letting you know that The Feed is 100% business and the ONLY solution to your fueling needs is more products from the Feed.

Here I’m over here stupidly eating a banana, oatmeal, maple syrup, eggs for a breakfast before big workouts


mmm… :banana:


Got a barage of emails this morning because I looked at these items on their site…time to unsubscribe.

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That’s the new marketing strategy 10% discounts and never ending emails.

I generally despise this increasing practice. I will, however, use it sometimes to reduce the cost of an order I actually plan on doing. Specifically get to the end of checkout and then abandon. Wait a bit and a coupon appears.


The money, especially on the recovery stuff is ridiculous and I’ve been happily experimenting with DIY nutrition on the bike (malto, fructose, salt, citric acid). Not to mention big bowls of oatmeal in the morning and protein shakes afterwards.

As far as gaining weight goes I can’t keep up with my calories on harder rides or races if I’m taking in 360 calories an hour (90g of carbs). During a four hour race I burn more than twice that for the entire time.

The Feed is following in the footsteps of Hammer Nutrition marketing. I remember back in the day getting Hammer catalogs and emails and thinking, if I took all these different supplements and nutrition products per day, I would be spending $50 and taking something like 20 pills per day. The Feed came along and said “hold my beer.” Their emails and sales pitches are almost comical. That is the only reason that I haven’t unsubscribed. They have a product for everything, to wake up, to activate your brain, to train, to recover, to go to bed. Add in equipment and nutrition and it would be a full time job just to follow all the protocols and products they recommend on a daily basis. I would love to meet anyone who actually pays for and follows this stuff.

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Hammer actually called me and we had a nice conversation about the products I ordered. I got some big bottles of gels because I like those specific flavors, but I’m not going to buy a bunch of random vitamins and minerals just cuz. The lady on the phone was nice though and it made for a more interesting day at least.

its like nuance doesn’t exist here

No. Did receive “Hi I’m Kate and I’m your new Coach” email a month ago. Saturday received “The 5 things you missed this week” and Sunday received 5% off you next order. Just 4 emails in the last month.