Go out with the bike

I’m following “Sweet Spot Base low volume” and I wanted to know when I go out on a bike how can I go? can I go freely as I want or better never push? can I go freely in Z3 / Z4 / Z5 talking about power zones?

Doing low volume you can basically do what you like. I really wouldn’t worry about it until you start getting mid-volume committed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks to the timely response, so for the duration of the 12 weeks “base phase low volume” I can make low volume without problems and if in the meantime I wanted to participate in some competition? no problem ?

when will I go to “build phase” as I will have to behave for the exits with the bike?

One of the nicest thing about low volume is that I rarely feel so cooked that I can’t enjoy a good outdoor effort in addition to keeping to the TR plan. You may need to stagger it a bit at the weekend, ie race/group ride/hard outdoor ride Saturday morning, assigned indoor ride Sunday afternoon to have a bit more recovery. That’s my experience, at least.


Having used TrainerRoad for over 2 years, I will say that the one shortcoming it does bring is the “fear” of riding your bike outside and missing out on a planned workout or the fitness it could potentially unlock, or hitting specific TSS numbers for the week.

Your cycling legs won’t magically fall off and your FTP won’t drop just because you chose to take the steed out of the barn or sign up for a competition (to your question). I have found that getting outside not only makes me feel better and breaks up the monotony, but is a good way to keep everything fresh.

I only say this because I have experienced similar “fears” and the question you’re asking - can I just ride outside? I found that the answer is yes, although specifically to your point about effort, that’s a personal judgment call. I’m not saying that TrainerRoad guilts you for going outdoors, but the system they have in place can set you up to feel bad about missing a TR workout if you can’t pull the TSS numbers from whatever outdoor ride you chose, and you aren’t comfortable using their estimation tool.

I’ve spent this year riding 99% indoors, and am starting to feel it - I just miss being outside (for non-competition). Hope that helps :slight_smile:


thank you all, if I have other doubts I will write. Hello