Feature request - TR intensity sync with Spotify

When I still ran I often used a feature from Spotify where it would adjust my music to my speed that I was running at.
In addition the songs would not play from beginning to end but Spotify would mix them together with parts of the song that matched the intensity.
The song selection was always based on your own listing history/music taste.

For me personally it would be great if TR and Spotify teamed up to bring a feature like this for cycling training.
I know there are still playlists with certain BPM ranges, but those are all full length songs and they aren’t based on my personal preference per se. The blending of the songs based on user’s music preference that match the intensity of the training would be awesome.

Anyone else interested in a feature like this?


Not really. Well you did ask !!

Looks like they’ve retired this functionality @GPx:

Shame, I actually like the concept.

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Ah. Such a shame, I really liked it when I was running.

Well no point in keeping this thread open I guess haha

It definitely sounded like a cool feature. For workouts with a lot of intervals it would be a great addition.

Another thought would be a feature that would let you drop audio tracks onto a workout but specify which track would play based on the intensity.

How about AI generated music ?

I think I will add that to on my list of nice projects to try !

For instance, I’m using brain.fm at work - it works really well for me. I can clearly see how this kind of things could work for interval training.

Spotify does have playlists based on HR bpm. Doesn’t translate to song bpm, though.