Mushrooms for performance

Does anyone have any experience with supplements containing mushroom blends (like peakO2 for instance)?

Apparently it has benefits for vo2max efforts but also benefits general endurance.

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Do mushrooms really work?

Mushrooms are neither plant nor animal therefore Alien.
Don’t eat strange things from outerspace


If snake oil worked everyone would be sipping

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What’s next? DMT for performance?

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Damn, I forgot I even created this thread.

I actually haven’t tried it in the end. Read through some studies and didn’t find the evidence very convincing. Wanted to see whether anyone here had any experiences.


Coincidentally I have been eating dried mushrooms dusted with seasoning I found at Costco. Now that you mention it I think my V02 power has gone up!!

So are mitochondria :rofl:

(Google it and prepare to laugh but also learn, it’s about context)

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I don’t really think that mushrooms will improve your endurance. Mushrooms are good if you want to have a good trip. I usually do mushrooms when I’m in a mood to think about life. I order pizza, take shrooms, and then I turn on my favorite Rick and Morty episodes. That’s the best Friday night for me. I usually buy my medicinal mushrooms from inner atlas, and in my opinion, they have the best organic medicinal mushrooms; if you are looking for an organic and one hundred percent natural product that will make you feel good, then you should check it out. Me favorite one is chaga organic mushrooms 20:1 extract.


Only on my pre-ride pizza marginal gains from pepperoni also
(It is full of sodium, sugar, preservatives, saturated fat, and calories) not to mention the extra cheese

These things are phenomenal on salads. Just that extra amount of umami that you want.

Ok well there goes the seriousness of the thread :stuck_out_tongue: