Multi zone workouts

Are there workouts that increase progression levels over multiple zones? If yes how do I find them? If not wouldn’t this be a cool feature to have workouts that target a primary zone as well as a second one?

I don’t know the specifics, or how to easily identify them, but there are such things as workouts that yield Primary and Secondary Progression Level changes. This can be seen at the very least, with some completed workouts that show the level changes for both. Below is one example I found in my past rides.


I am not aware of a way to easily find these in the library. What exactly is your goal with seeking these out in particular?


There are some - the Tempo progression I have is entirely due to sweet-spot workouts. You can see it afterwards in the progression section of the workout results: there’s a Primary and a Secondary progression displayed.

But when I look at one of the workouts that has primary + secondary progression associated (Truchas -3, for example), there is no indication in the workout description of its associated secondary level. So I don’t see a way of telling in advance.


No real goal as such just all my levels are low so was thinking if I could progress more than one system each workout it would give my levels a bit of a kick start.

Thanks for your reply. Would it not be a good feature to have the ability to see and target more than one system each workout?

Not sure what the use model would be.

  • That heads into the whole training ideology and why doing training in separate zones vs combined may be preferred in one way or another.

  • It’s all more complex than I can handle, but TR has addressed this basic topic on one or more podcasts.

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