Adaptive Training and Training Plan Progressions

Is there a way to change what I want my Primary/Secondary Progressions to be on my training plan?

Primary progressions aren’t a matter of what your priority is, it’s a matter of what the purpose of the workout itself is.

Eg. Truchas -3 is a sweet spot workout, so completing it will have an effect primarily on your sweet spot progression, or your known ability to complete sweet spot workouts.

It seems that it also gives them information about your endurance and tempo zones, despite them not being the main focus of the workout.

If you get a vo2 max workout on your schedule, then the primary progression will be the vo2 max zone. Doing an endurance workout, the primary progression will be endurance etc.

If you want to focus on specific energy systems that will come down more to plan selection, eg sustained power build vs short power build, or the 40k tt plan vs a gravity plan.

Ahh, okay. I see.

Thank you so much!