Display Secondary Progression Levels

Several workouts have an impact to multiple Progression Level areas, especially when completing a stretch or breakthrough type workout. Is it possible to display all of the secondary PLs where the main PL is shown on the workout?

For example: This workout will increase your Sweet Spot PL to 6.0, and your Threshold PL to 3.8.

It’s possible this already exists, but I can’t seem to find it easily.

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I am sure this used to be displayed in the completed workout, but I can’t find evidence of it as of today. I even had a workout in the last week that had Secondary progressions (as seen in my Career PL page, as well as my own memory when rating the workout), but no info to bee seen now.

Separate from that, I don’t remember ever seeing the Secondary info listed in the default workouts, so that would be good to have along with the now missing info from completed workouts.

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Workout Level 2.0!! I am pretty sure I have seen TR mention it is in wl2…

…at some point in the future :face_with_peeking_eye:

That is not at all what is being discussed above.

The secondary progressions? I thought I had seen it mentioned there would be more PL associations with wlv2 beyond just the main progression. Including having them displayed on workouts. Or am I completely off here? Which I would not be surprised if so…

Thanks, and agreed, I’ve seen them after a workout is completed. But it would be nice to see them before doing a workout as well.

I think you are mixing terms that have very little to do with each other.

We’ve had Secondary Progression Levels since the introduction of PL’s, so it’s not dependent on the upcoming WLV2 in any way that I know. Secondary PL is just that cherry on top of the primary change to your PL from a workout that may well span training zones & related benefits.

  • It is likely that TR will be trying to assign Prim & Sec PL’s from the “unstructured” rides and workouts that will be evaluated by WLV2. But the Secondary levels already exist and are currently being assigned for completed TR workouts (just as I got last week), so it’s not waiting on WLV2.

ETA, the current Secondary info on my PL’s as of now:

  • image

Neither of which is showing Secondary info on the completed workouts:

  • image - image
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When rating the workout in the desktop app post completion, it’s still there. I saw it this morning.


Thanks. I know I saw it in both those from last week. I expect it will be there tonight too.

  • Seems that TR may be changing stuff or hitting some bugs?

And just to add to the possible confusion here, check out what shows currently on the Career, Past Rides section:

That “Unknown” value relates to the Primary PL as shown in the two rides I shared above. I think things are in flux at the moment because this was not always the case either.

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Chad, I’m looking into this now. ‘Unknown’ should be displayed as a PL system, not sure what’s up but you can bet we’ll find out! :wink:
Thanks for bringing this up!


Thanks. I just rechecked and now get appropriate Difficulty tags for those values:

So that aspect on the Career, Past Rides page seems to be fixed as of this moment.

However, when viewing the individual ride info, I still only see the Primary PL, with nothing on the Secondary despite that data shared from my main Career page PL’s above. So that issue seems to persist.

  • image
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Any interpretation what exactly is meant by “secondary progression decrease” (as seen in your picture)?

I had a long thread about that with support but didn’t feel I got an answer.

I get what a secondary progression INcrease is but what should a DEcrease in combination with secondary progression mean?

Im thinking:”ok…my progression level decreased which is totally fine because I didn’t work those systems recently…but what should secondary progression mean in that DEcrease context?

  • Was some earlier secondary progression increase reverted back so that it now became a secondary progression decrease?
  • or did some other progression level decrease (for example tempo) and this progression level is tied with it (for example endurance) and decreased together with that other level…making this tied level decrease a “secondary” decrease…?

(As a side note: calling something a “progression decrease” is in itself confusing as those words contradict each other … maybe just name it decrease…)

Edit: tagging @IvyAudrain (remember PM some days ago) since even @mcneese.chad has no answer below on how to interpret secondary progression decrease…

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Thank you for bringing this up, Chad! You’ve helped draw our attention to an issue we weren’t aware of!
We’ve written up an issue to get that fixed, and I’ll provide an update when it’s been released.
Many thanks, you rule. :crown:

  • Ha, good eye. I meant to capture a different one what was a gain, not a loss (so I messed that up). I have no idea on the decline there. Great question.

Thanks for the props, but @BenB deserves most of it since he made this topic related to the question since he wanted the Secondary info. I just helped identify that 2nd PL’s should already be there (per the support article & my past experience) and apparently got dropped somehow.

Happy to help either way as always :smiley:


@BenB You’re a star. :star2: :sunglasses:

Thanks, team!



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