Paris Roubaix Live Coverage in USA

Does anyone have info as to what providers might have coverage of this years race? It looks like it is geo restricted on GCN+ and FloBikes. Any help would be appreciated!

Flo for USA. I don’t see it on Hulu or peacock for NBC But maybe it’s just too soon to see it there.

Probably peacock. Nbcsports had it in years past and all their stuff moved to peacock. The 5 buck a month tier had the TdF and vuelta with no commercials so that is likely all you need.

I wasn’t able to confirm this with a quick google but I feel pretty confident.

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Edit. Flo is not available. Has to be NBC.

This is what I’m seeing on Flo

Peacock it is.

Thanks for helping me figure it out.


Sometimes I like to answer first. Research second. Been a ok career this far.

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Tiz-cycling has been my go to for the classics this year.

Cycling TIps

They show it on NBC so I’m guessing it’ll be on Peacock like their other races have been.

Or use a VPN.

To watch geo-restricted races on GCN+ all you need is a VPN that identifies you as being in Europe (or inside the restriction). I use Express VPN. With it I watch


Does GCN+ ask for an address or check the credit card’s address when you sign up?

Or, does one just sign up from the US and then connect with the VPN to watch restricted races?

I usually watch on Tiz but I’m willing to pay for more reliability. And I really like the British announcers you get on Tiz (I think their feed is GCN).

It’s not as strict as EuroSport, just sign up with your US credit card, use your VPN, and you’re good to go. And yes, Tiz uses the EuroSport feed, which is the same as GCN+

For those where geo-restriction is a problem, I’m getting around it by using SurfShark VPN and use GCN+ to watch.

It not being on flobikes is tremendous good news


Maybe we need a catchall thread for where to find bike racing.
I have Flo, GCN, NBCSN on cable, Red bull, Peacock even BeIn Sports which used to have RCS events.
For the life of me I can hardly find the races I want to see.
I have Roku TV’s and GCN has said they will be there soon for a year or more.
I want to watch World MTB but can’t seem to find it, I think it should be Red Bull, maybe my searching there is weak.
As I am on the West Coast, watching Euro races live is pretty much no go - too early. I like to watch replays. Streaming channels aren’t as good for replays, you can’t fast forward and watch what is happening on a 250k flat stage where little happens. My DVR is much better for that.

Flo is supposed to have the WC Road races. They start in 3 days and they don’t even have the times scheduled yet.

Google Tiz Cycling. You’ll find all the replays there. Just have a blocker like uBlock Origin turned on. :slight_smile:

Is this just another dodgy website where I need a blocker?
I’m looking for normal TV/streaming on my TV.