Most ridiculous question… taking wahoo kickr as a carry on at airport 😅

Part of my family lives in utah and we typically visit a few times a year for a week or so at a time. I have a bike there but it’s cold up in the mountains during thanksgiving and Christmas when we typically visit. Myself, mother, and father all religiously use TrainerRoad and gives us nightmares of we have to miss a week of training :sweat_smile: that being said there would be 3 of us to share carrying the 50lbs hunk of metal. I’d surely sacrifice my arm for a couple hours if it meant I can continue to shred my legs! So do you think it would make it through security? If not the only other option is to buy one and leave it in trash I utah which would be expensive but maybe worth it. Thanks in advance for entertaining my probably ridiculous idea​:sweat_smile:

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Carry-on? No way. Too big and would be considered dangerous I would guess.

Checked baggage? Sure…box it properly and you are all set.

Best option - ship it out in advance.


Are you wedded to the KickR? If not for a week or so I’d buy a cheap trainer and leave it in Utah. I lug my Suito in the back of the car when I go to visit family for a few weeks or longer but its relatively portable for a DD trainer.


You would need to check the carry-on rules are for your airline. I would assume not thought, as it is both larger and heavier than common cut-offs for carry-on items.

Even if it did meet size/weight requirements, and even with no cassette on it, it would be up to securities discretion whether they’d allow you through with it or not.

Not a chance.

Even if you could…have you ever picked yours up? They are unwieldy to carry. It would be a miserable experience.

Why can’t you check it?

I didn’t think about checking it… that probably makes the most sense haha


Just buy the Saris H3 on the super sale with their code that shows up every few weeks and have it shipped there and leave it. It is worth the money to not have to lug that thing around. Plus you’re going to pay extra bag fees, maybe weight fees, etc. both ways. Save yourself a headache.

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Since you were seemingly willing to bite the cost of buying and discarding a trainer, I’d suggest consideration of something like the Feedback Sports Omnium Over-Drive or Minoura FG542. They are actually meant for travel (even though I suspect checking it would still be best) and the FB one includes a bag for that purpose.

Not the same ride feel as a Kickr of course, but you’d gain a better travel trainer that could be used for future trips as well as an option for warmup at races.


IMHO, the other problem is that you also need to consider fans, bibs, shoes, gels/whatever you eat on the trainer. It just adds up to a whole bunch of stuff very quickly.

I’ve checked mine before. It’s JUST under the 50lb limit before they charge you extra. I think I even shoved maybe a pair of bibs in there.

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Buy the Zwift Hub for $500 and keep it there? Split the cost if your family members use it, too. You mentioned you already keep a bike there … :man_shrugging:


I bought the Feedback Sports Rollers ( not strong enough to use the overdrive) for travel. I’m a total erg mode user with my KIckr at home, but I found after some fiddling it possible to get a good workout on the rollers. The problem was cooling, When next visiting my daughter across state, I will bring a fan as well. ( Travelling by car)

I took mine as checked baggage without a problem. Another checked item was my bike.

Moved from Holland to Sweden and didn’t want to wait for the container :wink:

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agree on the Feedback Omnium. I have the normal one. Go to any race and anyone warming up on a trainer is probably using the omnium. Super portable, relatively cheap, although I seem to remember them being $350, not 440 as they are now? Maybe Im wrong?

crazy idea but why not just schedule thanksgiving and xmas as your rest weeks? go for a hike or something to keep moving.

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Since you’re going for a week, are you sure you can’t do with a rest week? Would save you a lot of hassle.

I’m planning to spend 3 weeks in the Netherlands in December. The BiL recently bought an indoor trainer but it’s not compatible with the cassette on my bike (seriously!). Since I’m driving, I’m probably going to bring the Kickr. Getting a cheaper bike for the Netherlands is also an option though.