Air-Travel with Smart trainer - any advise?

Hey folks!

I have to travel to egypt because of my job and will stay there for almost four weeks. I really don’t want to cancel my training in that time. I am thinking about taking my bike and my smarttrainer with me. First questions: Would you do that or not? (There is no real option of stationary-workout-bikes at the place where I’ll stay.)

Second question: Did you ever air-traveled with a smart-trainer? Did you put it in a box or a bag? (i got the wahoo kickr core)

Best regards from Germany

Original packaging is usually the best. Put it in oversize luggage, job done.

The last extended relocation I had was three months. I purchased a Kickr when I arrived and sold it a few days before leaving. It held value well.

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I traveled from France to Spain with the Kickr. No problem at all. Just pack it in its box if you still have it, and protect it with some bubble paper. Should stay until 23kgs (limit for a regular luggage). I also tapped the box so no one knew what was inside to avoid to have to check it as a sport extra equipment.

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