New trainer recommendations - NOT Wahoo

So I recently purchased a 2021 Emonda and then found out that there is a compatibility issue with it and my Wahoo Kickr (allegedly there is a fix in the form of adapters but it isn’t available for purchase on Wahoo’s site which is, honestly, pissing me off at 6am on a Saturday) so now I’m shopping for a new trainer and thinking of just going to my LBS and grabbing whatever smart trainer they have on the floor.

I haven’t really looked at them for a while since I really liked my Kickr but I’m thinking its time for an upgrade.

Any recommendations?

Or maybe use your old bike as dedicated bike for your trainer?
Otherwise I would go for saris h3 or tacx neo.

Not an option, sold the old bike.

I bought a Stages SB20 back in October and it’s been fantastic. No more swapping bits or worrying about wear, I just dial in my setup (the missus shares it) and GO.


So these threads usually just have everyone saying what they use and that their units are great (Elite Direto X, BTW….it has been fine, but great customer service)

Let me take a different tact and tell you what NOT to get…any Kurt Kinetic smart trainer. Everyone I know who bought one (at least 5) returned it….lots of problems and wildly inaccurate. Avoid at all costs.


I don’t own one, but I would go with a Cyclops Hammer. Every one of their products I have ever had has been bombproof and customer service outstanding. If/when I go back into the trainer market, that’ll probably be it.


Call Wahoo. They might send you the adapter without cost.

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There is no cycling purchase I have made that I regret more than my Tacx Neo. I am now on number 4. The first three replaced on warranty. The plastic cases are simply not robust enough to withstand regular use from a larger rider (I am 83kg). They start out fine but soon start to creak. My current Neo is creaking but unfortunately out of warranty. Tacx have provided multiple fixes (including full case swap) and nothing works.

On the flip side, Kurt kinetic dumb trainers are great. I have no idea how accurate the inride sensor is, but I use the PM on my bike anyway. They have really good road feel imo.


If you want something new… DC rainmaker just put a review of smaller company making a very quiet and accurate trainer.

Might be worth take a look?

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I would chill, shop around online and get the adapter. You’re looking at spending $1000 or prob like $50 for the adapter. Smart trainers might have ever so subtle changes (like buying the latest iPhone) but they are just a direct drive trainer w a power meter at the end of the day. You’re not gonna tell the difference or ever get your money’s worth if you already own one and are upgrading to another (unless it’s like the climbing ones).

If you really just want another, I like my cycle ops hammer and would recommend.


I agree with contacting Wahoo directly. Or I think there are many aftermarket options for those adapters. If you are truly set on trying something other then wahoo then check out DC Rainmaker’s reviews. Just triple check that whatever you go for for is compatible so that you don’t have the same issue.

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If you are sharing the trainer, then I recommend a smart bike. I’ve got the Stages SB20 which my wife also uses, and it’s great. All of the sliders (e.g., stem, seatpost seat fore/aft) have granular number markings, so I created a settings sheet with my wife and my settings, easy peasy to switch.

Prior to the SB20 I had a gen1 Kickr, and I really like SB20 - sooo smooth and quiet, and 50 cassette dream drive mode is great when not using ERG mode.

Elite quick motion rollers + power meter. Barely use my Kickr

I absolutely LOVE my Neo, but I needed an adaptor. Just saying whatever you switch to might need an adaptor too, which might cause you to want to switch again, so buying local is a good idea.

You might have already tried this, but creaking is common unless the bike is cinched down HARD. I mean so hard that it’s difficult to close and open the clasp.

I thought Wahoo was providing those adapters for free. Plan B, I can take that Emonda off your hands :laughing:



Have you considered an Elite Suito? its not the most expensive or the best accuracy out there but it is relatively affordable, easy to live with and the power consistency is acceptable. Pretty quiet too.

Because the starting price is relatively low, it has better resale value where I’m from.

Yep. Tried everything.

I know most people already sent you some ideas but I now have a Neo bike and every time I ride it there is something amazing about it. Probably just in my head but love it as it is so smooth. I still have my Neo2T which has been great and before that I had a Saris H3 (sold to my brother). I also had a trainer bike to go on my Neo and never regret selling that and getting a full on smart bike.