Flying Transatlantic with Wahoo Trainer

Hi there

has anyone on here ever flown long haul with Kickr CORE or Kickr or equivalent smart trainer.

I have a 7 week work trip in the states ( iam uk based) scheduled right before my peak stage race event. I don’t want to be messing around with pedals in gyms everyday for that long a period and so I am very keen to take my trainer (kickr CORE) to insure i get good training in. The costs for an extra bag/box under 23kg is £60 which seems fine tbh.

BUT i was wondering if there is any advice // tips anything i am not considering about travelling with my kickr CORE (will be in packed in original packaging).

thanks in advance for any input!


You’ll be fine! I’ve flown a few times before with my kickr in it’s original box checked in as luggage - no issues whatsoever!

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awesome to hear - thank u very much!!