Case for trainer

Does anyone have a hardcase they have found for traveling with a Kickr?

I don’t have any first hand experience, but here are a few ideas:

$ but cheap: Plastic tub from Amazon as referenced here.

$$$+ & Heavy: Road Case
(Not sure if that size will fit. Depends too if it’s a Kickr or Kickr Core, though you could always remove the legs from a Core for packing.)

$$$$ & Durable: Pelican Case
You can see a Pelican case setup here.

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Thanks! I’m hoping to find a generic pelican case for $100, those are all good solution ideas!

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Assuming you are taking your bike with you on a trip? Why would you take a trainer with you and not ride outside?

I want to follow the structure of the plan, the trainer is more time efficient for other family stuff and the roads aren’t very safe where I will be staying


Makes sense! :+1:

A friend of mine traveled for business, and would often end up in a town/city/country where the riding outside wasn’t possible. He’d either ride in the morning, or the evening, but riding out doors in China just isn’t much of an option, plus he could jump on the bike, ride, fall into the shower, get dressed and be at the client’s office. He carried the Feedback Omnium portable trainer. I’ve traveled locally with my bike and a 2T in the factory box. It worked perfectly, but was a bit large. I also packed a mat, and some large floor tiles to use over any carpet to hopefully stabilize the ride. I’ll be traveling like that this year too.

Thanks! I have the cheaper Deuter version of that trainer which is my back up plan. Appreciate the thought!

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Wow, that looks really awesome, but Amazon has it unobtainium at the moment. I never bought the Feedback one due to mainly to price for something that would be used infrequently. The guy with it, though, says he puts it in his carry-on (not sure how practical that would be) and hasn’t had much of a problem with TSA. Just curious looks… I just flew through several airports with my entire scuba kit in a carry-on, and expected issues, but nope. Are they getting better, or just lazier. Hmm…

Yup…I just started doing this. My travel schedule is going up this year, including trips to China and South America, and usually in spots not too hospitable to cycling. I got the Omnium trainer for exactly this purpose.

Took it with me to Taipei in February…luckily the weather cooperated and I did not need it, but it was good to have a backup.

I put it inside my bike bag (SpeedHound soft case) and had zero issues…came in just under the weight limit (69kg) but I was prepared to just check it seperately if the bike case was too heavy.

The only downside to the Omnium is that after a few years on a smart trainer, getting back on a dumb trainer was a bit of a shock. I so far have only done endurance / recovery rides on it…dunno how much I will enjoy an actual workout, or rides longer than an hour on it.

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When he told me about it, he said it was ‘better than nothing’, or trying to make do with whatever the hotel, or supplied lodging, provided. I could see traveling by plane with a 2T being expensive and a pain in the butt. It’s not light, even with a simulated flywheel. I totally get the dislike of hotel ‘workout’ equipment. Back when I was running, I stayed at a hotel that had one single treadmill-shaped-object, and the thread mat was so stretched out and loose at the edges one could actually trip on it!! (It was so completely worn out) Heck, climbing/running the stairwells over and over would be a better/safer workout in that case. It’s pretty frightening looking at what one can find in a hotel ‘fitness center’. YIKES!!

TANGENT: He did talk about getting outdoors and riding in China once. The doorman, who spoke pretty great english, told him about a route around the hotel that was ‘challenging’, and he decided to try it. It was a little more than challenging, a great route (aside from the smog taste) and said if he stayed there again, depending on the air quality, would definitely do it again. It doesn’t hurt to ask he urged, but use common sense too, some areas are just way to risky.

100%…I got it because even if I only do 1 hour rides at endurance or high endurance, it is “better than nothing” and I can’t afford to lose days right now as I approach Unbound.

yeah, the areas in China where I stay are not bike friendly. SO much traffic, and most drivers use traffic control / directives as suggestions only. I have run in the area a couple of times, and even that was unpleasant.

But Taipei is a different thing altogether…even though I stay in the city, I can access quiet mountain roads in less than 1km. As long as the weather is decent, I’ll definitely ride outside there. It is just spectacular.

ETA - I am heading to Sicily in May for our Distributors Meeting. Even though I am bringing my bike and planning on riding outside while I am there, I’ll pack the Omnium just incase of bad weather.

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It’s always wise to have a backup. The first time I traveled with the 2T and bike, the first 2 days were just horrid. One afternoon it rained so hard I couldn’t see the parking lot three floors below and just in front of the windows, and the wind did damage across the property and golf course (players had to practically be escorted off the course, which sounded really crazy (but I worked for a man that played golf nearly year round, using brighter golf balls on the couple of courses that let people play in the snow))

The last full day was fantastic, so I got a bunch of miles down riding the country roads there. Beautiful day. (They had hills too)

The wife was giving me crap as I packed the Neo. First day: (gesturing out the window) That’s why…

Happy travel riding!

Did you put the neo in anything?

The box it came in. I thought about getting the Tacx Trolley, but I already had a perfectly good box. It doesn’t have wheels, but for as long as that box lasts, I’m saving some big money. ($200 US!! :crazy_face:)

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