Mortirolo - Gavia - Stelvio

I did it! Thank you trainerroad. My condition was good, but also pedal drills and other drills helped me to complete this ride. Many thanks, I will continue to use this program to get even stronger, although I’m almost 40.



I’ll be doing those climbs at the end of July. Stelvio by itself and the Mortirolo and Gavia together 2 days later. Any tips?

If you can read Norwegian, or don’t mind running the article through Google Translate, here is my review of a ride I did with a few friends in August 2018; we started in Bormio, passed Gavia to Ponte di Legno, rode up Mortirolo and down the other side, and up again from Mazzo, back over Gavia and finished with Stelvio and returned to Bormio (with rather rotten legs):

Best tips: Bring clothes for all seasons. Have 36x28 or lighter as your lightest option. If you stay in Bormio, get accommodation in walking distance to the city centre.

I was there last week. Did Gavia on Saturday and raced in Santini GF on Sunday. Around 5000m elevation in 2 days. I live in a flat desert environment (Middle east) and I have only been training with Trainerroad indoors and doing long fast rides outside during weekends. Here are my observations;

  • Heat training: It definitely helped on attitude. Riding at 40C made easy for me to climb those beasts. Zero issues with HR and breathing.

  • ERG Mode: I found training in ERG mode helped me big time with finding my cadence and rhtym during those long climbs. Perfectly executed.

  • Mental: Those climbs are not that hard. It is just mental. I strongly suggest to read “How bad do you want it” suggested by @Nate_Pearson @chad and @Jonathan. It really helps especially when you hit 10% hills after 85km.

  • Nutrition: Whatever you do, make sure you have a good nutrition plan. It is the key. If you don’t feed yourself, you will hit the wall. I worked with a nutritionist who provided me a race plan and worked perfectly.

Here are some shots :blush:


Really fantastic achievement, well done.

Living in the Alps you get used to that mental feeling of the climbs, something of a massive shock when you first start doing them.

Re that book, not been impressed so far, seems very much the same thing chapter on chapter, but will keep on with it for now.

Will be at the Stelvio in two weeks.

Have fun. You are lucky as Stelvio pass is also opened now.

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If you’re into a smaller town setting than Bormio, I stayed in this place last week in Grosotto. Big, clean room, friendly hosts, cater to bikers with separate locked garage with bike stand/tools, and a great breakfast for 60 Euro (single).

We’ve booked already north of Bormio, should be OK I guess. Sounds good though, rather excited. Doing the CyclingTips 135 round trip.