GF Stelvio Recommendations


I have registered to Santini GF Stelvio in June 2019.

I am cUrrentlyon SSB2 and will continue with General build afterwards. Then I can not decide if I should go for Climbing or Century training plans.

If anyone has done before, lessons learned also most welcome :slight_smile:

I think the general recommendation for these events is Sustained Power Build > Century.

Climbing Road Race generally includes some over-threshold work to deal with the attacks you would get in a race. Century is focussed more on sub-threshold, which is the effort level you should be targetting during these long-climb fondos.

I’d love to do the Stelvio - good luck!


This is spot on! We usually recommend Century for sustained efforts or epic rides, while the Climbing RR plan is more effective for aggressive racing with attacks and surges throughout.

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Thank you

Did the Stelvio earlier this year from the Prato side. Was a savage beast, pretty relentless, but ramps up in the middle after like 10km of climbing, so be ready when your below sweet spot to have to raise the effort a bit. Also fuel well, no matter what training you do fueling is key.

Since joining trainerroad I wanted to build a base of power that will help with these long climbs, started out on Sustained Power Build which seems ideal. I really like the look of Century, but given I will be doing more triathlons come spring will probably toss a coin between that and 40kTT

Good luck though!! let us know how you get on.

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yep, feeding is the key.
did the GF 2 years ago and the reason to my over-suffering :smile: was not feeling enough :smiley:
it’s a GF with classification only on climbs, so don’t go too hard on the rest of the “race” and fuel yourself enough

The Stelvio from Bormio is not so difficult. long but not difficult. still I carry 34x32 for “emergencies”

see you in Bormio in 2019! :call_me_hand:t2:


Wow… That would be awesome to meet a TrainerRoad comrade :slight_smile:
We should open a seperate topic just to see who is coming.

See you there…
Good luck