DK200 (12-14 hour) nutrition and hydration recommendations?

I’m interested to know what hydration and on-bike nutrition strategies riders are dialing in for the DK200? What products do you swear by? CarboPro? EFS? eFuel? Hammer? What works for you? What doesn’t? Thanks!

Nutrition is something you need to experiment with to find out what works for you.

One thing I know that doesn’t work for me for long rides in the 10 hr range is just sports drinks and gels. Too much pure sugar for my system. I need to eat some “real food” or solid food. Jam sandwiches have been working pretty well for me. I augment with cliff bars and gels.

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I still carry a hydration pack full of water. Two to 2.5 liters.

I use a DIY drink mix (in bottles on the frame) that I’ve talked about before as the first line of nutrition. Take a gulp every 20 minutes. SiS gels as a 2nd line of nutrition. During the middle 6 hours of the race I’ll probably take down one of these every hour. Just as I feel like it. I carry two or three honey stinger waffles as a 3rd line of nutrition. Just to have some options. Basically the way I can lose DIY drink mix, gels & waffles is all different. So if I lose one I’ve got a backup. Or if I just want something different.

At the stops I’ll keep mini cokes, gatorade, water, pringles, raspberry zingers. I hardly every use that stuff, but just in case.

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Yep, I’ve been experimenting with different products for 3-4 months now. I’m using eFuel products right now and they seem to work well (both their carb drink as well as their gu/gel products). A good semi-pro ironman athlete suggested I try out First Endurance products (EFS stuff) so I ordered their line up to give it a shot. I know other people who really like the CarboPro products. The good news is that I haven’t found anything that kills my stomach or has left me bonking on the side of the road…drinking every 10 min and eating every hour… but I’m wondering if anyone has anything to say about their favorite product line… what works for them? Just looking to experiment with anything that people recommend to see how it works for me.

Thanks Brennus - can you give me the low down on your DIY drink or send me a link to your previous post?

"I mix my calories in a bottle. This is my primary calorie intake during long rides but I’ll also bring along some stinger waffles & SIS isotonic gels.

The DIY mix I use if 1 cup of glucose, 1/2 cup of fructose, 1/8 tsp sea salt, 1/32 tsp of NoSalt. That’s a little over 1000 kcals plus some electrolytes. Mix that in a 24oz water bottle. It’s thick but it will mix. You might have to warm up the water to get a full mix. Of course, consume with a couple gulps of straight H2O!

Sometimes I’ll throw in a smidge of magnesium. Like less than 1/32 tsp.

Sometimes I’ll use Calci-K instead of salt/nosalt. One of the First Endurance dudes told me they also use Calci-k in their Liquid Shot product. Calci-K is a pretty good product made by Albion but I think you have to buy it in bulk so it might be better just to stick with basic ingredients.

No Salt is the brand name of an NaCl substitute. It’s basically potassium. You could probably do without potassium entirely."

I’m planning on DK200 in 2020. I’ve done several 100 mile rides on Tailwind Nutrition and some Nature’s Bakery fig bars. Tailwind has worked well for me for several years and it’s all I consume in races up to ~4 hours. After that, I prefer to have some “real” food or something to chew. I’ve done pb&j roll-ups in tortillas, fig bars, home made rice cakes, etc. If you are willing to try them out in training the Feedzone Portables book has lots of very tasty options for just such an event.

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