More Wahoo Elemnt Roam woes + possible replacement

I posted earlier this week about a bug with my Elemnt Roam (not saving Di2 data). Well, today it refused to upload a route from Strava. The only way I could get it to work was to unpair my phone, delete the app, and do a factory reset on the head unit. Even after that, when I went to shut it down, it froze. It seems to be working now after another hard reset, but what’s really odd is that after a little over 2 years’ near perfect* service, it now seems to be one thing after the other.

So, my question is, what do I do? It’s out of warranty, and frankly, I don’t really feel I can rely on it any more. Today, I had travelled for an hour for a long gravel ride (the New Forest); the trip was very nearly scuppered by the (near) failure of the unit to work. Locally, I know the roads and tracks well enough that I couldn’t get that lost; further afield, it could be a real problem, and I have a number of away days/sportives already planned for 2023.

I am tempted to replace it, though getting just 2 years out of a £300 unit galls me. If I was to do that, what are people recommending?

*the ‘re-route to start’ function has never worked.

I’d contact Wahoo with concerns and see what they can do? Worth a shot before buying brand new unit.

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Well I’ll try my luck. I suppose the worst they can do is say no!

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I look at it the same way. Wahoo in the past have a decent reputation for warranty of their products. I had a 2017 Kickr that I bought used fail and while they didn’t replace for free they did discount a 2018 replacement for me. Never hurts to ask, worse case you are in the exact same boat you are now considering buying a new unit.

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My 3 year old roam died and they gave me 20% off a new one, my 15 month old Bolt2 had battery issues, and they gave me a replacement, my 4 year old kickr died and they are sending me a new one. so, give them a try, you’ll likely get a discounted unit or a free replacement.

I have written them what we call at work a long and detailed PBPO (Polite But P1ssed Off) email, so we’ll see what happens. They were very good when my first Tickr failed (but then that was less than 6 months old); they were markedly less willing when the replacement also failed, but I did get a new one after a bit of pushing.

I actually think they’d have to offer me a very sizeable discount, as on reflection every Wahoo product I’ve owned has failed! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

An update for those interested: they’ve offered either a Roam V2 for £280 (not £350), or a Bolt for £215 (not £265) plus a free plastic out front mount. I’m tempted but not sold…

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This also happened to me recently on a V.1 bolt - I had to unpair, reset, etc…

Luckily it has worked since then - but it was really frustrating as I had no idea where I was out in new roads with a time crunch.

I also had ZERO issues prior to this happening. Difficult thing is my friends with Garmin’s report drop outs of their power meters and other sensors often (which doesn’t happen to me). So really frustrating - but I feel like there is no perfect answer. Hopefully you find a good solution!