What to do with Wahoo head unit

Replacing my ELEMNT head unit with a new Bolt, so I’m looking for advice on what to do with the (now) old unit.

Is going with electronic recycling the best bet?


I would try to sell it. Those units are still very desirable.

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Someone always needs a headhunt. They are very resellable. Even the old Edge 500s (still my favorite headunit) still sell on eBay for decent prices

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I join the sell it choir. It’s worth at least fifty bucks. If you don’t want the fifty you can send it to me and I will “recycle” it for you.


Is it broken? Not sure why you replace it with a bolt? Can only assume you want a smaller screen and unit? If not broken sell it. Many ppl like me chose the element over the bolt due to screen size (the unit is exactly the same).

I’d look to sell it, especially if you still have box and accessories. I have a Bolt and recently bought an Elemnt for the better battery life and bigger screen for longer trips. Unfortunately I found the battery worse than my Bolt so I returned but I think I was a bit quick to return and wished I’d kept a bit longer to see if battery life improved after a few more charges. From the firmware it came with I think it was quite an old unit that had been sat around a while but I didn’t want to risk marking it by continuing to use and then not be able to return. If you don’t fancy the hassle of trying to sell then I’d just keep as a spare - you never know when you might fancy that bigger screen, or a second device as a backup.

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FYI - The Roam has incredible battery life

I need a headunit. If its functional and gps works i’d cough up $50 for it.

I’m not looking to sell the unit.

The battery has deteriorated to being unable to keep a charge for more than an hour or two and getting worse. Also, the altimeter doesn’t work worth a damn, especially close to water.

I worked with Wahoo support and my options were to replace the battery ($25 + shipping and not in stock plus DIY instructions) or get a 40% “crash replacement” discount on a new unit. I went with the new unit.

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40% offf a new one seems like a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately I think battery life like that seems like just a fact of life. My cell phone batteries seem to crap out after two years pretty consistently. I’ve replaced those successfully myself…but its getting harder with new phones.

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Have you considered donating it to a local young aspiring NICA racer? I’m sure your local team coach knows a student who can’t afford one, but would benefit from hand me down that holds charge for at least an hour or two. Just a thought.


I’ll look into that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Even with the bad battery it will be of interest to some people. Replacing a battery in a unit like this is something I would absolutely give a go. One could probably source a suitable battery much cheaper than directly from wahoo (they want $80 for a kickr belt!) Lots of shapes of Li-ion batteries are available from various electronics suppliers. It is possible that Wahoo has a custom sized battery, but even a slightly undersized standard battery would make it very usable again.
I’m all for keeping fixable stuff out of the waste stream. Fixing this unit is vastly superior to it going into e-waste, even if it is properly recycled.