More MTB content on Podcast

Does anyone else wish there was more mtnb / xc content on the podcast? A lot of the info feels like it will bleed over into any bike racing genre but sometimes it seems like it’s 99% crit and tri information.


+1 on MTB content. For example the Lee McCormack podcast was awesome. I replay Lee’s comments sometimes to keep them in mind when I ride.

That said, I understand most of TR customers aren’t MTB-ers so it is all about striking the right balance.

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Just as a side note: Jonathan is one of the hosts of a dedicated MTB podcast.


Really wish Jonathan and Steven had more time to put out some new content on the MTB Podcast. It’s a great show but they haven’t been able to put out much this year.



Yep I was a close follower of that show but they are on hiatus as Steven is traveling for work.

The content tends to follow the season and the specific A event goals of the hosts. Lately it’s been a lot of road stuff as Nate works on his Cat upgrade. Two years ago this time they were all up into CX as the Nats were in town and they were doing a lot of that. I suspect as you’ll hear more Mtb stuff in the new year as the Mtb season starts in CA.

Nate’s doing Cape Epic right? And Jonathan is going for XC nationals next year?
Pretty sure there’s gonna be some MTB talk. :metal: