What would you recommend as a workout in-between training program?

I have completed the 2x build phase programmes and I’ve started the Sustained Power build low volume programme. The low volume programme gives me 3x workouts in a week, then normally I go out for 2-3 days a week in addition to this, with nothing more specific in mind other than enjoyment. The weather is really bad here right now so I’ll be stuck indoors for the next few days on the trainer.

My question is what would be the best sort of workout to do on these days when I can’t just get out and ride? Sweetspot? Threshold? I’d be looking at a 2 hour workout on those staying in days.

Assume you mean you’ve completed the 2 base phases. I’m the same, just started low volume build and anticipating some hard sessions. I plan on adding Pettit (1hr) and Taku (30 mins), nice and easy ‘in-between’ rides, an additional 2 hour hard ride sounds like punishment to me!


I would go for something in between - SS may be to hard with some of the intensity in the LV build…maybe Baxter or Colosseum something with variety but not to high intensity.


Many thanks to you both for your answers :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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What do you do when you normally ride outdoors? Find something that is a good match in terms of TSS and intensity to that.

For example if you normally do outdoor rides which are just cruising in zone 2, and you suddenly replace them with a couple of 2 hour indoor SS or Threshold sessions that would be a pretty huge leap in training volume, which in turn would impact your ability to complete the plan workouts, and might well start digging you into an overtraining hole. On the other hand if you normally go out and smash it in a hard weekend drop ride and you replace that with Baxter then you’re reducing your volume and are going to start detraining.

Personally I find 3 hard workouts a week to be enough, so extra riding on the other 4 days is mostly endurance to tempo level to build and maintain aerobic base. So stuff like Baxter, Boarstone, Gibbs, maybe Hawk Mountain if I was looking for a bit more stimulus. Needs a good movie to watch though, those workouts are pretty dull indoors!


I normally do a hard hilly climb… over 2 hours. But I did a 1h 45m Baxter instead… It was OK, but I would rather have been out!!!