Modification of SSBII MV Vs. HV

hi guys,
i am a new trainerroad user from austria and loving the trainingplans and the podcast. i have a short question regarding the plan modification of the SSB II MV or HV Plan.

The HV plan is unfortunately a little bit too time consuming for me but i think i can handle slightly more TSS as the MV plan provides.

i see two modification methods and would love to hear what the TR Community thinks of it.

  1. I load the HV Plan and simply get in as much time as possible at SS. So cut the workouts during the week short.

  2. I load the MV Plan, copy the long SS workouts from the HV plan to the weekend and scale up the VO2MAX and THRESHOLD Workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.

I honestly don’t know which one is the smarter move. What’s the scientific difference between the MV and the HV Plan, since the MV contains Vo2Max and Threshold Work and the HV doesn’t.

Thanks for your Input!

BR Philipp

Another option would be to start with mid volume as it is and see if you can cope with the weekly TSS, if you feel like you can do more swap the planned workout for the +1 or +2 version

For example, glassy is your first Sunday ride in ssbmv1 (See link below) But if you scroll down you see a number of different versions that have the same training goal but increase (or decrease) your TSS.

Edit to add: Have you completed Sweet Spot base 1 yet?


yeah thats also a great idea, thx!

i have completed trad base III MV as a season starter after my season break. (also had to fill some time to my A race in june)
started 2 weeks of general build MV due to an misunderstanding on my side. (didn’t realise that the the base plans are consecutive - my mistake)
then filled the gap with the last 3 weeks of SSB I HV.

In general, it would be better to scale up the Mid Volume than to scale down the High Volume. This is because the High Volume cuts out any and all intensity work due to the much much higher weekly TSS. Since you are not able to dedicate the full amount of time, you will want to retain some of the VO2 max work from the Mid-volume since it more closely aligns with your time availiability.

Overall, your Option 2 would be a good choice, but be careful not to overdo it. Be sure to listen to your body and to scale back if you are feeling excessively fatigued. As Johnnyboy mentioned, you could do a +1 or +2 version of the VO2 and Threshold workouts, or you could simply add an extra 10-15 minute sweet spot interval at the end to push yourself just a but further, without burying yourself too deep.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions :slight_smile:


I think that’s the way to go.

Load the SSBII MV plan, scale the vo2max and threshold workouts up gently if needed and put in the longer SSB workouts or outdoor endurance rides on the weekend.

Thanks guys!