Difference SSB MV and SSB HV

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I am fairly new to Trainerroad after using Zwift for several months. As I am almost finished with the SSB MV I and want to up my TSS, I like to switch to the SSB HV II plan. As I really like the over-unders in the MV plan, I would like to understand why these are not in the HV plan?

HV is a ton of volume. There is no room for more intensity. MV has relatively low volume so they can hit you with more intensity earlier.


Thanks for your reply. Then I might change back to the MV plan!

When in doubt, it is almost always best to pick the lower volume option. You can see how it feels and add to it a bit, if you can hande the addition stress and recovery.

Going big and blowing up is a worse mess. HV plans are for a select few with a solid history of high level training and/or great ability to handle stress.


As others have said, HV contains ONLY sweet spot workouts due to the high volume. LV/MV utilize higher intensity workouts in order to push adaptations which would normally come from doing higher volume. I’m not sure why TR does this; it’s called SWEET SPOT Base – why am I doing VO2max work?!? :man_shrugging: Just admit you won’t get as much bang for your buck doing L/MV plans. Alas, the pitfalls of generic mass market products.

Not only that, but O/U are done for a very specific training effect – to develop your lactate tolerance/clearing abilities. Sweet Spot is all about building fatigue resistance and muscular endurance.

That said, the great thing about TR’s plans and calendar is that you can do whatever you want to suit your specific needs and requirements. I’m currently (and “technically”) in SSBHV2 but I’ve added a SS O/U workout session (e.g. Deerhorn) because it’s a perceived weakness I need to work on.

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One has to take into account the Rest side of the equation, not just the Work side.

Almost anything is possible.

While for most plans the low, medium, and high volume versions have similar overall designs, SSB HV is an outlier. It intentionally has a different design.

TrainerRoad routinely recommends not using the SSB HV plan unless you really know that’s specifically what you want.

If you like the over-unders (sadist), do the MV plan. SSB 2 is harder and has more TSS than SSB 1. If that’s not enough for you, there are opportunities to increase the workload.

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You’re throwing down 900TSS weeks on the regular. Your perception may be skewed.