Mixing and keeping carb drinks mixed in the cold

My last race of the year is coming up this Friday night with a 9 PM start time and the overnight temp is forecast to be 41F/5C.

I plan on using Maurten Hydro Gel 320/NeverSecond C90 as part of my fueling plan and they are both tough to mix below 60 degrees.

So any pro tips on mixing these up in colder weather? Once they are mixed they aren’t so bad, but I foresee some challenges.

Take some warm/hot water with you in something like a Thermos (not sure if this is an Australia only brand?).

Why not mix them in your home with hot water? Are you saying you need to mix refills during the ride?

In the US, thermos is the generic term AND a brand name. Kind of like Q-tip, Kleenex, or Bandaid.

Ah… that’s not what the companies really want you to say! (ETA: when that happens the process is called “genericide”.)


Popsicle, Chapstick, Ziplock! :rofl:


Yep, I have two water bottles I’ll have with me and do not anticipate having support until mile 111 of 222 at the earliest, so unlikely to have hot or warm water available.

Once you get either of those suspended, they tend to stay that way, kind of like when one makes humming bird food. :smiley: I don’t anticipate that I’ll be able to swap bottles though.

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Yes. Fully agree.

I have the same issue. The only solutions I’ve come up with are overmixing the bottles and adding water along the way…or drinking it chunky. Another issue when pouring homemade mixes out of baggies into bottles is that the powder that escapes makes for sticky hands, gloves, and bottles.

That’s a heck of a long race. Good luck!

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