Doubling up Maurten 320

The directions state 1 packet to 500ml of water. My events tend to go 50-60 miles of gravel between water stops. I don’t want to carry more than 2-750ml bottles and my 2L hydration vest. I don’t want to put drink mix in my hydration vest. Has anyone mixed 2 packets of mix into 1-750ml bottle? If I do 2 packets per bottle and supplement with pure water from my vest and some gels, I can stretch my stops out to 5-6 hours, which is ideal. Thoughts?

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I can’t help with an answer, but am very interested in whether people have tried this/had issues with this method. I have been considering the exact same idea (using High5).

I tried mixing Maurten 320 with a 160 one into a 750ml bottle… different taste same density… not what I expected… last Saturday I couldn’t ride so I wasn’t able to try a double 320…

I mixed 1,5 packs in one bottle. One bottle was not wel mixed and in the end i was drinking a gel…

Do 1,5 packs per bottle and take gels with you

For triathlon I used to put 6 gels in a bottle and top up with water. That’s about the same calorie wise and worked well. I made sure I went through ca half the bottle within an hour.


Not specific to Maurten, but I make my own 2:1 ratio carb drink (Maltodextrin/fructose). I’ll often mix 640 calories into a single 500ml bottle for what I refer to as a 2 hour mix. I have no problems with dissolution when mixing with hot water. Using hot water is the key to getting good dissolution with such a concentrated mix. I mix it the day before use. I let it cool on the kitchen counter and store it in the refrigerator overnight so it is nice and cold when needed. I can’t see where the Maurten product would be any different as the ingredients are very similar.


That’s what I’ve been doing but the Maltodextrin that I’ve got doesn’t dissolve great, I would end up with massive clumps of paste. Hot water works but when I need to mix more bottles on the course(200 mile days) I don’t have the luxury of hot water usually.

I did mix a bottle this evening with 2 packets of Maurten 320. Seemed to mix well with cold tap water. I’ll see how good it mixes on the route tomorrow…

Let us know.

IANAE but I believe that altering the water/mix ratios of products such as these can impact their absorption and potentially make you more dehydrated as your body pulls water from elsewhere to deal with the over concentration.

Found this with a quick google…

“ The purpose of an isotonic drink is to improve the intake of water, minerals and nutrients to facilitate the replacement of what the body uses during effort. It facilitates rehydration, while contributing to the proper assimilation of the particles needed to support effort (glucose, sodium etc.)

An isotonic drink is easily absorbed and quickly leaves the stomach, to ensure optimal efficiency and comfortable digestion.

A hypotonic drink is less easily absorbed than an isotonic drink, but may be useful in very hot weather.

A hypertonic drink is too concentrated and take too long to leave the stomach, which may cause digestion issues, potentially causing dehydration through a demand for water in the stomach to dilute the concentration.

It is essential that you respect the doses shown on the packaging of your drink to make the most of its isotonic properties.”

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That’s the point of my 2L hydro vest of pure water.


What are you planning on doing, drinking 100ml from the bottle then drinking the same amount from the hydration pack?

What not just carry two packets of mix, top up your bottles when empty and just add the mix? That’s what I do with high 5 sachets.

Sip from the bottle, sip from the hydro pack.

I’ve gone down this road before on mixing it to ratio and it tends to leave me lacking pure water at the end of long days.

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Maurten 320 mixed pretty good doubled up. Was thicker, almost like maple syrup. Taste was pretty strong, but it’s flavor is pretty bland, kinda tastes like a liquid marshmallow. I dunno how well the syrup consistency will be tolerated at the 8 hour mark though…