Experiences with Gu roctane drink mix

How easily does it mix? I’ve always had issues with Maurten not easily mixing well ending with a glob at the bottom of the bottle.

I like that it gives 60g of carbs as I don’t want ALL my carbs on a bottle.

For my day to day riding I mix my own but for races I just like to carry pre packaged stuff for long races

I’m replying for a bump to the thread:
I find Maurten does not mix well if the water is ice cold. I have had this happen on an event or two.

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I’m on the sugar and salt wagon now, but I did use roctane for a while and didn’t have any issues with its mixibility. Overall I quite liked it.


I’ve heard that. I usually just use tap water so not ice cold but cold.

Yesterday was a cold ride around 40 degrees. When I got home my bottle with Maurten just had the Maurten glob at the bottom.

I do like untapped’s ginger maple aid but that is only 20g carbs per serving but I’ve thought about adding one of their maple syrup packets to bump it up to 40g of carbs

I’m definitely going to give it a try.

It mixes very well. I fill my bottle half with ice then water. Never had an issue with it being mixed.

It is what I prefer to use as the flavour is very light


Summit Tea flavor was the inspiration for adding instant black tea to my sugar-salt-water mix even at 100g of carbs per 500ml the black tea helps it not taste sickly sweet. Instant Jasmine and Green have similar but not identical results.


Very well. I used Gu Roctane for years at 90g an hour and up to 270g in one 1L bottle without issues. I usually mix my “super bottles” with warm tap water then add ice afterwards.

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That’s good to know. I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me to try that with Maurten.

But I ordered some Gu roctane to try it out.

I’ve really enjoyed Roctane and it’s probably my favorite well-rounded drink.

It mixes up well enough. Not as well as something like Skratch Hydration, but way better than their Super High-Carb mix.

It seems like the mixes that are finer carb-based (such as Skratch Super High-Carb or Maurten 320) take a bit more work to mix whereas coarser mixes with a higher sodium content (such as Skratch Hydration or GU Roctane) dissolve much easier… :man_shrugging:

If I’m going on a big ride, I’ll usually mix all of my drinks up with a shaker to ensure that things are broken down well enough and I’m not going to have any issues with my bottles.

Right now I’m using a mix of Skratch Hydration and their Super High-Carb so that I can dial in the carb:electrolyte ratio depending on the conditions and my effort. The Super High-Carb is a super fine powder and is a bit of a pain, but it works well.

With that being said, if I didn’t get a deal on the Skratch stuff, I’d probably go back to GU Roctane. It’s really well-rounded (in terms of carbs:electrolytes), mixes well, and is much less expensive…

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I’ve liked Maurten as I like a very mild taste and it’s been tolerable when on hot rides.

I’m trying to make sure at unbound this year that I have a drink mix that actually mixes well when I’m at neutral water stops.

It definitely trying Gu roctane during training

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If you’re running the big Zefal bottles (975ml) you can do 50/50 Maurtan & Gu Roctane, but practice mixing in your bottles to be sure. I could mix up 3 in a big bottle without much worry.

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Definitely worth experimenting. I don’t know if I can hold 2 zefal 975ml bottles in my frame triangle along with my frame bag. It’s close. In the past I run 3 bottles. 2 in triangle and 1 under the downtube. And a hydration pack either 50 or 70oz bladder cause I’m definitely not as fast as many.

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While my body isn’t very picky when it comes to nutrition, I do like the Roctane the most out what I have tried. Tastes the best in the very least.

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