mitoQ Supplement

Has anyone tried the mitoQ supplement?

It is suppose to target your Mitrochondria.

MitoQ is an enhanced form of CoQ10 that has been made smaller and given a positive charge, so it’s able to cross the tough mitochondrial membrane. Once inside, MitoQ helps to balance CoQ10 levels and reduce free radical damage. Cells can go back to their day jobs, and you experience benefits to energy, health, focus, performance and recovery.

I have ordered a 3 month supply… hopefully it doesn’t just make expensive Urine. Time will tell.

2018 study:

However, presently, the efficacy of chronic MitoQ supplementation for improving vascular function in healthy MA/O adults is unknown.

MA/O = middle-aged/older

Ya pay yer monies, ya take yer chances!

Also this:

In studies on rats, MitoQ prevented heart failure from cocaine…

So…maybe up the dose on the weekends? :man_shrugging::laughing:


Where was this stuff 20 years ago when I needed it!

It might work for me… I am close to the big 5 0.

Didn’t know you raced with Simoni. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On topic:
MitoQ is more absorptive; CoQ10 is more potent.
No idea what would happen if you took both.

If only Pantani knew about it… :pirate_flag:

“Supplementation with CoQ10 ingested at the rate of 1mg per kg per day for 28 days significantly increased the level of plasma CoQ10 in endurance athletes but had no consistently significant effect on measured submaximal or maximal aerobic performance indices during graded cycling to exhaustion.” :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the link. The paper is pretty old but the science may still hold firm. mitoQ looks like it is CoQ10 plus Triphenylphosphonium so that may make the difference. They also suggest to take it for 3 times longer than the study … but they would wouldn’t they.

Found something a little more recent:

“We show that endurance exercise training increases multiple CAC types, an adaptation that is not altered by MitoQ supplementation. Additionally, MitoQ does not affect skeletal muscle or whole-body aerobic adaptations to exercise training. These results indicate that MitoQ supplementation neither enhances nor attenuates endurance training adaptations in young healthy men.”

Thanks. I am not sure why they did that study in young men, I guess it rules the fit, young athlete out. This almost 50 dude it might help. I will tell you in 3 months.

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I guess they were trying to find out if there were any performance enhancing effect from MitoQ supplementation? From my cursory reading, it seems like it might benefit those with mitochondria deficiency(?) , but if you have healthy/normal levels of mitochondria already, it doesn’t help in your sports performance. Perhaps there is something beneficial for overall health though?

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There was one CoQ10 study (Japanese maybe?) which showed CoQ10 worked very well in mito def subjects, but the doses were fairly hefty (and safe). I would think if you were putting your body under enough stress that would cause mito biogenesis then mitoQ/CoQ10 would behave in a similar manner as with a deficiency…maybe?

From what I’ve read, as in a previous post, mitoQ is more absorbable than CoQ10 but less potent. Try a combo cocktail.