Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ)

Anyone tried this supplement? Would love to hear the guys input on one of the podcasts.

I have been taking PQQ for a while because it was recommended at go along with CoQ10. I can’t say that there was an obvious benefit. I also take NAD+ precursors which are also shown to improve mitochondrial health. I do this mainly because levels of these substances drop as you age and I am approaching 60. I am hoping help with aging more than anything else.

I’ve taken it intermittently, and can’t report any subjective effect. I do take Ubiquinone the active form of CoQ10 on non riding days. It has antioxidant effects, so I figure it may blunt the response to endurance training.

Interesting. I’ve taken it once before to peak for an event, which I did quite well in, but definitely difficult to quantify these things. I also take CoQ10 but might look into PQQ and NAD+ precursors for my next big event.