Missing run in week 11 mid volume full distance plan

I suppose there’s a chance I’ve lost it in a reorganisation but I can’t for the life of me find the recovery run in my calendar for week 11 of the mid vol full distance triathlon plan.

I’ve checked it hasn’t gone to January 2018 which happened before when I moved something around last week, is there a search feature or something?

I’ve shipped in a missed run from one of the weeks I was sick, so todays run is recorded as a planned run but I want to make sure it isn’t;
A) An error in the plan itself
B) An orphaned workout somewhere in my calendar

I just added this plan to my personal calendar to investigate and the 35-minute Recovery Run is showing up on Saturday along with the long endurance Putuo workout.

It is possible that you lost the workout during a reorganization, but you can easily add the workout to your calendar manually using the Add Workout feature.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to search the Calendar at this time :pensive:

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thanks Bryce.

I’ve just noticed something else odd, which also makes me think it’s something to do with spanning years.

Should I put this to support?

I moved Putuo to Monday, 31st Dec, which shows as week 53 with just one day in it. Putuo showed 0 TSS for the 3hrs I did. I resynched the ride it now shows TSS but 0 IF.

Week 1 has the rest of that week in it, but thinks there’s still 8hrs50 / 541 TSS even though Putuo isn’t being counted for time or TSS.

Hey Joe,

That sounds like a bug to me. If you could report that to our Support Team to investigate we would really appreciate it :+1:

You can reach them at support@trainerroad.com.