Triathlon training plans

How are people viewing the upcoming prescribed swim and run workouts in their plans? The only way I can view is by going into the training plans page selecting the plan I’m on and then scrolling down to the week I’m on. It seems a bit long winded, just wondering if there is a quicker way.

The runs and swims should show up in your calendar if you have loaded the plans.

If you add the Triathlon Plan to your Calednar, it should add all cycling, running, and swimming workouts at the same time :slight_smile:

If this is not how your Calendar is working, let me know and we can do a bit of troubleshooting.

Hi Bryce thanks for getting back to me. Only the ride workouts are showing in my calendar, I did add it quite a while ago though so I could just try deleting it and starting again?

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Go ahead and try that to see if that works. It is possible that you added the plan before we supported all three-disciplines in Calendar.

All ok now buddy, I deleted and restarted and it’s fine now