AT Ride and Run periodisation out of sync?

I’m dabbling in running training so I am doing an LV tri plan with the swims deleted.

I’ve changed my calendar a few times (added an MTB race etc.) and my recovery weeks seem to have gone out of sync between the rides and runs. I.e., I am currently in a cycling recovery week, but my workout today is described as the “last long run before the recovery week”. (100 minute long run) I don’t actually mind doing a long run today since I was ill last week and couldn’t complete the last week of the training plan, plus I have just got new running shoes… But it seems like unintended behaviour to have the recovery weeks out of sync like this, I think it may be a bug in Plan Builder associated with changing events mid-block?

I looked ahead to the next recovery week in the calendar and that seems to contain recovery runs as expected - so I guess that it was knocked out when I updated the plan for the new MTB event and Plan Builder recalculated it.

Wondering if anyone else came across a similar issue? I did try a search.