Feature Request: Step by step outside workout in app

I would like to have a time based, step by step workout guide for outside workouts in the mobile trainerroad app. Like a turn by turn navigation, telling me the structure needed during the ride.

It may already be available on cycling units but I can’t check as my Garmin Edge is fubarred.

When you download the workout I have memories that one of the options when you select it on the head unit is a “Description”.


Not sure why you’d want it as the workout description covers this and you can also scrub across the blue graph to find the timestamps. That blue graph in itself shows the structure.

A Garmin/Wahoo costs €250 , i allready have a phone, which I use for navigation. Life an d cycling is expensive enough as it is.

I can use the normal app on my bike, but this isn’t as flexible as the pushed workout to a headunit. I just want instructions with the option to have power data, so that my outside work is better structured.

The mobile app has the workout power graph and target/actual power displayed so anything else is just a distraction when you are out on the road. I use the mobile app indoors and there’s more than enough data and instructions to perform the workout.

The only “extras” you get with the workout on a Garmin/Wahoo are an extra couple of beeps prior to starting an interval and having a target power range rather than an absolute value.

Exactly, i want that in the app, zone plus time with a sound. Without having to buy a headunit.

You get five beeps in the head unit vs three in the app so they are still there, just turn the volume up on your phone :rofl: Or fit a headphone to the mobile phone.

Honestly everything is already there.

When it comes to being out on the road, less is more. You want as few distractions as possible. I can’t imagine it being good PR if someone crashed because they were trying to read a set of instructions on their phone rather than watching the road ahead.

Man… I want a workout timer, not having to buy a Garmin or Wahoo headunit.

For your information. I been cycling all my life, since I’m Dutch. I know to how to keep my eyes on the road. People with headunits will not stare at them all the time, are they? As people with nav systems in their cars won’t look at the screen the whole time.

I want a simple way of notification on my phone, during outside workouts. Step by step, like a turn by turn navigation.

Just stucture and pointers.