Might have a device pairing issue

I have a Magene/Gemeni cadence sensor that keeps showing-up in the TrainerRoad Android application as “power meter”. It is correctly showing as a cadence sensor on my Garmin. We have another sensor like this in the house, same brand and model, works properly on the application. What am I screwing up?

Hey there @TLRozzle!

To be honest, I have never seen that before but I would try unpairing it from your Garmin and see if it shows up as a cadence sensor in TrainerRoad. Also, have you tried to pair it in TrainerRoad as a “Power Meter” to see what happens?

If none of this works, I would recommend emailing our incredible support team at support@trainerroad.com! They will have things up and running for you in no time!


For the good of the order and anyone who reads this in the future, the Gemini/Magene 200 is supported but not the 210. A little frustrating. TR support suggests Wahoo devices, which I get, but after my problems with the brand I refuse to send them more money. Happy pedaling, all.

Bontrager has some decent speed, cadence and HR devices that are BLE / ANT+, if you are looking for another brand to try.