Ant+ not available

This past week I opened a workout in TrainerRoad. I instantly received an error message telling me to pair devices that ant+ is not available. When I clicked on my Wahoo SC sensor it gave me speed and cadence and said it was paired. When I returned to the workout it gave me no power. As a result, I’m unable to perform workouts on TR. I changed the battery in my sensor and adjusted the magnet position. Since I’m getting cadence and speed, I know it’s not the sensor. Does anyone have any ideas why I’m not getting any power data?

Do you have garmin express or anything like that running?

I’m not running anything on my phone during workouts other than pandora radio.

Ah okay, didn’t realise from the original post that you were using a phone. I’m out of ideas.

I’m really unsure as well. Hopefully support will get back with me soon. Thanks.

They’ve always gotten back to me really promptly. If you haven’t already, check your spam to make sure it hasn’t gone in there.