Cadence in ERG mode - massive delay

Hi All,

New to Trainerroad, so far it’s looking awesome.

One thing I can’t get my head round is cadence. It seems lower than I’m pushing (in comparison to WattBike) I can half / double my Pedal speed and it doesn’t make much difference to what is displayed on screen. It seems if the workout wants me too it will adjust the trainer to get me to a desired cadence - e.g 125 and At upper levels when it wants to it matches what I’m used to.

However if I change between 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 it doesn’t register or does with significant delay - 30 secs to a minute.

With watts their is target vs actual. With cadence there is just one reading.

My only comparison is a watt bike I used to use in the gym Pre lockdown. Usually a mountain biker that hasn’t put too much thought into data / advanced training pre lockdown.

I’m using a TacX T2240 with a a 26’’ hard tail MTB with a conti turbo trainer tyre on rear and have calibrated. Everything appears good apart from cadence.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers all.

Suspect that’s the behaviour of your Tacx Flow trainer, rather than TR software. I have similar issues with the Neo 2T, which is known to have wonky/erratic cadence readings for some folks.


Anyone recommend a trainer that works well / quickly with TrainerRoad in terms of watts / cadence that doesn’t require me to take real wheel off.

If your setup is fine other than the cadence, I suggest just adding a dedicated cadence sensor, which will give you better cadence info than any trainer.


Use a dedicated cadence sensor. Your issue is not related to erg mode, that has no bearing on the cadence measurement/display. TR does not display a cadence target, since in most workouts the target is a range, and many of the cadence-related drills are optional and use a relative target (as in “3-5 rpm above your natural cadence”).

The Wahoo Cadence sensor works fine for me - you can attach it to your shoe and leave it there, and it’s ANT+/BT bilingual.


Cheers All,

I’ll check out the Wahoo cadence sensor.

Guess it’s not really fair to expect the App to work out pedal revolutions without something dedicated like this. Looks well worth it.

Enduro training here I come!

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I have a Tacx Flux with a built-in cadence thingy, the first thing I did after a week of usage was to get a dedicated sensor, the output from the trainer was all over the place. It’s cheap, it works. You can even use it on a plain old spinning bike, as long as you clip it to one shoe…

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