Latest Garmin Vector Firmware = no bluetooth power

Well I thought I’d eventually sorted out all my devices so they’d work flawlessly with Trainerroad and the Gamrin 520+. All of them can transmit on ant+ and bluetooth now. I updated the firmware on the Garmin Vector pedals from 3.50 to 3.68 and now whilst the pedals still connect fine (over bluetooth) to Trainerroad, it simply does not register any value for power or candence. Just wondering if any users have seen this, or it Trainerroad are aware of any incompatibilities with the latets firmware on the Vector 3S?

The updates as listed by Garmin are:

Changes made from version 3.68 to 3.80:

  • Improved angle calculation in Power Phase

Changes made from version 3.60 to 3.68:

  • Fixed power and cadence spikes over ANT+ and BLE
  • Prevent pedals from getting unintentionally unlinked
  • Fixed right sensor missing error appearing during a coast
  • Fixed power spikes due to missed messages from the right pedal
  • Fixed large balance drop outs
  • Fixed issue where power would go to 0 Watts over BLE
  • Fixed power spikes while coasting over BLE
  • Fixed power spikes when BLE connects while riding
  • Fixed potential cadence spikes after a short coast
  • Improved pedal wake-up detection
  • Improved communication to Garmin Connect Mobile

The only one that sounds like it could interfere is perhaps " Improved communication to Garmin Connect Mobile" being as that might be some subtle change to the bluetooth transmision protocol it uses. Although I guess any of the chanegs that mention BLE could also be at fault.

Are they connected to anything else over bluetooth? IIRC bluetooth connections tend to be 1:1 so if they’re connected to your phone/edge over bluetooth this may be preventing data being picked up by TR. Just a thought

Vector pedals have 2 Bluetooth connections. Although it could still be that.

I’ve not had any issues since updating

Thanks for the tips. I unpaired and the paired again and that fixed it. Had a workout this morning with zero dropouts anywhere. Happy days