Garmin Vector 3


I have a problem linking the Garmin Vector 3 pedals and the Trainer road program on my pc. The program recognizes the pedals as a smart trainer and not as a powermeter. any solution?
I use Elite Rampa and Garmin Vector 3. I attached photos where you see the pairing sensor cadence and Vector 3. I used ant +

Garmin Vector 3 appears as a virtual trainer and not as a powermeter!

In the third photo I paired Garmin Vector 3 with the App Trainer road of my iphone via bluetooth and recognizes the powermeter.


Hey, @SPEZIAL! I’m sorry about the hassle here! I’m having one of our Support Agents reach out to you over email to help troubleshoot this.

Keep an eye out for an email from us. :+1:


Did you get a solution to your problem? I have used the V3s since July and can give you my experience if you are still having problems.

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I have the problem today. thanks

Okay so I understand you are still experiencing a problem. Here is what I did maybe it helps maybe not.

When connecting via phone or laptop I use and /or get the following devices paired:

-Bkool smart pro 2 shows ERG mode option I touch nothing just ensure it is paired.

-Bkool smart pro 2 shows pwr and cadence option I SELECT CADENCE only

-Garmin Power meter I just make make sure it is paired but Donot touch any settings

-V3 - ensure it is paired and I calibrate it as well. HOWEVER I ALWAYS USE MY EDGE 810 AND FIRST PAIR THE V3S TO THE 810 THEN I PAIR THE V3 DEVICE ON TR App

  • Garmin speed/cadence only pair device

  • Garmin HR monitor only pair device

The above routine is what I do and my power shows up good on both the Edge 810 and the TR diplay.

When I tried to synced the Garmin Power meter and or the BKool Pwr meter I had problems so I keep the devices paired but dont touch any of the settings.

I know it sounds a little crazy but it works so I have just gone with it.

I hope this helps let me know how it goes.

I have only used the V3s on the road once and they worked like a charm.

Any fix yet? I have the same issue.

I have been using the Vector 3S (left side only) over the last year and it’s worked very well mostly.

I recently decided to upgrade to the right had pedal as well and hoped to see the pedal stroke analytics on TR. Whilst both pedals are paired I can’t see how to access the pedal stroke info.

Can anyone advise how to do this?

(I have only a Bolt, no Garmin head unit)

I downloaded Garmin app on my iPhone and I only get left/right balance info on outside rides - don’t quite understand why - so can’t help with that.

Hope this helps

Without going back and reading all the previous posts, I will say that dual-sided info only comes up on ant+ and iOS I believe. I could be wrong but it’s a strange combo for sure since iPhones don’t have ant+ natively. I did get it to work by plugging in an ant+ dongle to my iPhone. I didn’t find the info overly relevant to doing the workouts but just did it to ensure both pedals were in fact reading.
Another option is to run a headhunt simultaneously with trainerroad and use ant+ on the head unit and bluetooth for trainerroad.
Hope this is correct and helps.

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