Midwest Triathlete Planning Races

Hello good people of TR

I’m currently working to schedule my triathlons for the upcoming year. Last year was my first year of tri and TR and raced an oly and 70.3. Looking to continue last year’s success!

We just had our first baby, so with the time commitments of a 70.3, I will likely be looking only at olympic races so I can continue to train at a high level and still be around for my wife and daughter. With other personal commitments, however, my main season will end July 1 with races later in the year if things go right.

That said, I am from Nebraska and have found a few near me: Kansas City (raced this one last year), St. Louis on May 19, and Colorado Triathlon in Boulder on June 1. Has anyone raced either St. Louis or the Boulder race? If so, what are your thoughts? If you know of any other races in the midwest, please share!

Thanks all

Congratulations on a successful first year of Tri! I’m sadly unfamiliar with the Triathlon race offerings of the Midwest, but I’m hoping with this comment we can get your thread back to the top where someone more knowledgeable than I can weigh in. :smile:


Go Big Red!

Would this work or is it too late in the season? http://raceomaha.com/event/omaha-triathlon/

Or you could be a cool kid and do gravel races :slight_smile:

I have nothing of value to add but I’ll be flying out to lincoln tomorrow (Landing In omaha since it’s cheaper than LNK)

The Chicago triathlon is a great one…swim in Lake Michigan, ride on Lakeshore Drive, and finish downtown in Grant Park.

I’ve done the Olympic a few times, but it’s been a while.

Ironman Louisville in October is a great race.

I’ll second the Chicago Tri. I’ve done it the last 2 years. It’s a very well run event, and a great course (especially the olympic bike route).

Thanks for the replies!

@bherbers definitely hoping to enter the Omaha race if I’m still in Omaha that time!

Looks like I may have to settle on deciding on 2 of the three others I posted. Would love to do Chicago, but unfortunately it doesn’t look likely.