Mid Volume Plan + 2 GYM Days vs. High Volume Plan + 0 GYM Days

I only have the time I have and while I would love to do High Volume + 2 GYM Days, I have to choose between:

A) Mid Volume TR Plan and 2 GYM days; or
B) High Volume and no GYM.

What’s best for getting faster?

Simple - HV with no gym will make you a faster rider. MV and gym work will make you a better all around athlete and protect your long term health including bone density and all around health. There is lots of information on this on the strength training thread :smiley:


Simple explanation but not a simple decision… I like the idea of being more healthy… :smirk:…but man, getting faster… :drooling_face: You know… :joy:

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It’s not like whatever you choose is what you will be doing for the rest of your life. For the next six months, do whichever will teach you the most about yourself and then revisit the decision.

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I think it depends at what stage of life you are at. I am 51 so bone density issues etc are becoming more important so I have started to use the gym more now to maintain muscle mass/bone density to preserve these things that decrease with age. Having said that as you say when I was 25 and did triathlon I just wanted to go fast and core stability/bone density etc weren’t really on my radar (although I did use the gym in winter as I swam less and this maintained upper body strength). Strength training will always help you but becomes more of a health priority as we age so if you are less than 30 maybe as mentioned above you can focus on the bike exclusively…when you are older gym work becomes vital. :grin:

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Can you squat your own bodyweight?


If so, then you dont need the gym sessions. Just do some lightweight conditioning in spare time.

Got ya. Thank you!! :+1:

Great post (and interesting calculator!).
Thanks for sharing!

I would add that it really doesn’t take a lot to maintain some strength. A few single leg squats every other day or ask someone to jump on your back so you can do a few squats. You can do either while waiting for your coffee to brew.

A big reason for me to do a little something here and there is that if I avoid strength for a period and then come back to it, I get DOMs obviously. That annoyingly sets every aspect of my training back a step.

Doing just the HV will make you faster. I would do that with a few single leg squats every 3rd day. Enjoy that block and when you have more time next block, schedule back in the gym time (without the DOMs).

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