Mid South 2020 - who else? (formerly Land Run)

I managed to get into the Land Run 100 for 2020. Will be my longest gravel race to date. My goal is to finish feeling good enough to enjoy it - I won’t be “racing”.

Anybody else in for 2020?


Stoke is already quite high. See you there, brother!

Land Run is a blast. Hopefully it’s dry. Hit me up if you need any tips or help getting prepped!

Good luck!


Roommate and 2 CoWorkers are in. I did not wake up early enough and am on the waitlist and in the Transfer group on FB… Hope I can partake in it.

I was in the parking lot of a nearby gravel ride. The sponsor postponed the start to 9:00 so everyone could get signed up for Land Run. Everyone was standing around with their phones trying to register!

Looking at the typical course it seems to be rolling hills all day long. Elevation never changes more than about 400 feet but you accumulate 7000 ft +/- total over the 100 miles.

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Ended up snagging a spot for the race through reddit of all places.

Going back next year myself, but wondering if my luck will hold out for another year of good conditions?

Although I wonder, if it is dry and sunny as it was this year, am I missing the true Land Run experience?

I’m in as well, TR will be my best friend this winter since Michigan weather won’t be very conducive to outdoor rides until about March.

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Im in as well. First year for me!! Cant wait.

What training plans y’all following in preparation?

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I’m in SSB now combined with weight training. I will then I plan to do sustained power followed by Century. I am also training for rides next summer in CO with long climbs at elevation and I find gravel and climbing both call for lots of sweet spot.

First year as well! I’m planning on doing Sustained Power and then Century. Hoping for good weather.

Sounds like century is the best option

I’m in and I’ll be racing it.
After my better than expected experience at Steamboat Gravel, I know I can mix things up at the pointy end. Finished sup 5:20 for the 100 miler. Not sure what I’ll be doing to prep for it. Lots of hours on the bike, probably start up base here pretty soon. Do trainer rides mon-fri, try to get outside when weather permits on the weekends for long days back-to-back.
A lot of 4-6 hours on the bike, a lot of 3x20s, we have a monthly group ride in Boulder that will be a good test to see how I’m shaping up. Usually 70-90 miles with 7-10K of climbing in the A group

This isn’t my A race. Probably closer to a ‘C’ for me being used in part with a solid training block. My plan is to have base wrapped up and starting general build leading up to it.

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I’m in for another year. I’ve done it in the cold AF year in 2017 and the last two years that were great conditions. The course last year was a lot of fun, good times (awesome vibes in town that weekend) and great scenery. I’d say we’re probably overdue for a mud year, don’t forget the mud stick. :grinning:


Wait list for me because I didn’t set a reminder to signup. Stupid me.

I’m maybe 45 spots down, so hopefully I’ll get in. Regardless, I’m going to assume I’ll get in and train appropriately.

Keep an eye on the official transfer group on FB. Entries are starting to surface every couple of days.

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Thanks to the FB transfer forum I’m now in. :grin:

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What’s the link for the transfer group?


It’s on Facebook. Just search for “Mid South Transfer Forum.”

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Thank you

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