Measurable Benefit to repeating Sweet Spot Base LV1?

I hope I’m not asking one of those special-snowflake, only-applicable-to-me questions… but I think others must have dealt with this.

The way my calendar lays out, I have 3 races I target per year…they are two “B” races that bookend an “A” race. This year I am adding another B-type race that in early June, which is kind of specific – it’s a triathlon that that is very unique, kind of sprint-distance and I’ll really just be focusing on the bike…I’m mostly doing it for fun, but will be mixing in a bit more jogging and SUP paddling just to be prepped for it.

ANYWAY… I am coming to the end of my SSB LV1 program after this week, and then after a week of recovery riding (as prescribed) I’m scheduled to begin SSB LV2, and then was planning on moving on to General Build and then on to Rolling Road Race leading up to my A event - but I would have a 6 week gap between the end of Rolling-Road race, and my “A” event.

However, after listening to many of the podcasts (here and others) I’ve heard @chad use the term “the broader the base, the higher the build” and knowing that SSB LV2 really starts to amp up the intensity, would it be beneficial to repeats SSB LV1 before moving on to SSB LV2? Would that meaningfully broaden my base?

Before answering (thanks in advance for any replies, btw) please keep in mind that when I do low-volume programs, I either extend workouts or mix-in outside rides to that my weekly TSS usually falls in the 350 - 500 range.

For those still with me – here’s how my calendar would look:

  • SSB LV1 – in progress now, ends Dec. 9th
  • SSB LV1 – this would be the potential repeat…ends Jan. 19th
  • SSB LV2 – ends March 2nd
  • General Build LV – ends April 27th
  • "B" Race - BARRY ROUBAIX - April 13th
  • SSB LV2 – ends June 8th (thinking of repeating SSB LV2 here to accommodate run, paddle training but maintain intensity)
  • "B" Race - M22 CHALLENGE Triathlon - June 9th (2.5mile run / 17 mile bike / 2.5 mile paddle)
  • Rolling Road Race LV – end Aug. 2nd
  • "A" Race - CHERRY ROUBAIX - Aug. 4th

My other “B” race is THE ICEMAN COMETH MTB race the first weekend in November. But if I make it to my “A” race totally on plan, I’m sure I will take a couple weeks off before embarking on a re-build for that race.

Thanks to anyone who has made it this far – for those with much more experience than me, this all boils down to whether or not repeating SSB LV1 is beneficial to build a broader base to push my “peak” back to early August? If not, I’d love any suggestions and rationale if you’ve done something like this before.

Thanks all!

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Full disclosure, I’m not a racer but given everything you want to do, I can’t see the harm in repeating.

I’m currently going into SSB LV1 after completing LV1 & 2 because I needed some filler before I get into the ramp up to 2019. I’m going this route because I can add days, if I feel a need or just take the rest since I’m working my core two days a week. I did this also to give me some more training time in the hopes of improving down the line (build and specialty).

I’ve got Bike Benzie 100 and RAT Metric Century (I’m doing this twice in one day for 125-ish miles), then possibly Cherry Roubaix (20 or 40 miler) and capping with likely ride in Leelanau Harvest Tour 62 miler. I’m pretty confident the LV SSB will be just fine with these goals.

Maybe I’ll see you out on the roads on the peninsula or in LC sometime!

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Hey there!

I like where your head is at, but a better approach would be this:

SSB LV1 (Through Dec 9)
SSB LV2 (Through Jan 20)
General Build (Through March 17)
Half of Specialty (Through April 14)
B Race- Barry Roubaix
General Build LV (Through June 9)
B Race Triathlon
Rolling Road Race (Through August 4th)
A-Race - Cherry Roubaix

This approach is more appropriate for a few reasons.

For one, you should not jump from a Base plan to a Specialty Plan. They are designed to go from Base-> Build-> Specialty and their TSS ramp rates are set up very specifically.

Secondly, doing that much base can be beneficial, but if you wish to maximize your gains, it’s not the best way to go. A Re-Build Plan like the one shown above is more conducive to fitness gains.

Third, you need to prioritize your A race above all else. In other words, you want to plan according to your A race, and then fit your B races in as best you can. The above plan maximizes your fitness for your A race and works around your B races.

I hope this helps!


Bryce – thank you! Really, incredibly, super helpful, man. Much appreciated!

It’s amazing that after ingesting all the info here, the podcast and in the software I can still be confused and seemingly splitting hairs – but it’s hard to know which way to go, even though all of them will be beneficial.

Thanks again so, so much! I set up my calendar to reflect my plan, but am re-working to reflect your suggestions now.

Thanks for taking the time and thanks for the thoughtful reply!

Sure thing, I’m always happy to help :slight_smile:

Best of luck with your upcoming season!