LV + a ride or Polarized

The last couple winters I have done a mid volume plan with good success but last winter i ended up skipping about 1/3 of the Sunday sweetspot rides due to having other stuff going on.
This winter I think I can do 4 days a week, MWF and one of the two weeked days however which day that is may vary.
I was originally going to do the MV plan again and drop the midweek endurance ride. But after reading a bunch of threads on here I decided I would either do the LV plan MWF and then add a 1.5-2 hour endurance ride on the weekend or do the mid volume Polarized plan which is 4 days a week.
I am unsure which to do and was wondering if people had suggestions. I can (will) not do a ride longer then 2 hours indoors so that may be limiting me on the added endurance rides

I have been doing LV MWF + a couple of endurance rides a week as well. It worked out real well for this past year. I also considered doing the MV Polarized plan this coming winter, but the length of the mid week workouts were too long for me. I ride before work so a single 90 minute ride is about as much as I can handle for a 4:30am wake up :yawning_face: So I am sticking with LV+.

Not sure you can go wrong with either. The biggest factor would be what can you fit in your daily schedule for consistency.

I say LV + Endurance. If you need to drop a day, either consistently or on occasion, replace one of the Sweet Spot days with an Endurance day. I think the Polarised plans are quite different.

Or even better do some low level Sweet Spot (say 85-88%) within your endurance/SS day.