Massive workout before event?

Interesting “glitch” or is this a feature?

Building out my plan or the year and giving Polarized a go.

Why would TR suggest I do a 4 hour endurance ride the day before my “B” event (not a race) which is 100 miles and 10k feet of climbing?

  • Unfortunately, TR doesn’t really see or use this info since there is no actual way to input those. The only things you can do is pick an event type and duration. Even with the duration set, TR ignores that and only relies on the event type.
  • B level events essentially do no taper and will only offer to add an Opener workout or not.

So, it is a “feature” in the sense that there is not as much intelligence to prevent these potential overlaps for B/C level events.

  • Per your updated graphic, this shows a flaw (not a bug really) in that they see “weeks” as a Mon-Sun affair. Despite what is obvious to us, TR is not seeing the proximity as an issue. So that and the minimal knowledge it has (event type) lead to this issue.

Essentially, just plan to skip that long Sunday workout.


But it also did not add an opener on that Sunday. So this looks like an opportunity to improve the functionality. No?

Did you have the opener option selected when you ran Plan Builder?

  • See below for where we select the setting.
  • I can’t remember the default for the setting, but it’s possible you had it “Off” which would explain the lack of one on your calendar.

I did, yes.

I just deleted that event from my plan. Re-added it and this has now updated the day before to include “openers” and removed that 4 hour workout.

Self solved!